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Welcome to Crystal Kingdom! A medieval times community! I'm Luna Lover12 the owner of this fine community. Call me Luna for Short! In this post, I'm gonna be going over some important basics if you will read down below. If not, and do the things before reading which will lead to ban or strikes. So don't tease me.

First the Rule! You must obey the rules to know how this place work right or would you rather be punished or have your smart asses out? The rules are listed below so please read before doing anything!

1. Please Respect people and the mods/owners here. It's rude and leads to unnecessary fights which gets you ban. I don't like drama and fights at all so please keep this a Happy and active community.

2. If ya have questions then please go ahead and ask. We are always here to help but most of the time the mods and owners will not always respond and we apologize for it. Please understand these wonderful people have families and life outside this community so don't get angry at them.

3. Do not start roleplaying without a approved profile! If you do, you will be punished with a strike. The profile max is 25 at least so don't go over. The rules may be changed over time so please check everyday just in case. The profile must have over 50-100 lines! If not the profile will be denied by the owners and Mods. Be very descriptive if you please.


1 Strike: It's a warning so don't worry but please don't try to get yourself anymore.

2 Strike: it's your second warning which it serious so I would be very behave and careful of the actions you make.

3 Strike: The Mods/owner's will decide on your punishment. Temporary ban or complete ban from this guild. After the punishment is over, the owners might give you a clean blank off the strikes but not all the time of your 3 Strike actions.

Mods: Jazzy Shaw And Aya

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Rank: All starts at D









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Hello Everyone! Sorry for not being on for almost 3 weeks. I have been focusing on work and school with some issues of mind. I have been bullied badly these past weeks so I didn't feel like putting so much pressure on ya for helping me cheer up. Now I'll be back to rp and chat without being distracted so what I miss?

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[Closed For +Shard The nephilim lord​​]

Akame was cleaning the house for Shard when he comes home because she thought she would make a special dinner for them since Irene went to sleep for the day and she had nothing else to do by herself. The town was already busy with marketing and fights so it would be best to avoid it than join it. Cat demons were she was born, avoid fighting and violence out of anything. They believe fighting was the sign of Satan or evil powers. So she hasn't fought anyone in years or ever to be honest. Akame was a slave since 7 so she actually never experienced fighting than most beaten as she fear the raises of hands and weapons. Akame always told herself "I shall be fine right..?".

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Back again Everyone, sorry i had some issues going on and didn't have time to get on besides I've been badly depressed. I got bullied twice and got yelled at by a teacher who is a jackass. So I hope I didn't worry anyone when I was gone.

Story: Fallen Hero

Coming Soon: February 15 2018

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yukki was disguised as a little neko girl traveling in a rich caravan, she was there to spy on a rebel that somehow got away from the guards. The king sent her because she was the only on that could shape shift.

Momma momma!!!
The women acting like yukki's mom looked down yes?
Look! I found a bug!!!
Mom: how nice sweety..
Yukki looked back at the rebel. She was about to get in the buggy until she saw you...

Open rp

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WIP; This character will be in use for the Taken Orokin God arc, which will begin tomorrow. It will be removed at the arc's conclusion.

"Your plane is mine now. Surrender yourself, and I may grant you the honor of being killed by me personally." -Ecthar, gloating.

"Consume all that which stands before you, My Oversoul! Annihilate everything!" -Ecthar, conjuring his Oversoul.

"I am Ecthar, heir to the throne of Orokin Conquerers and God-Kings! Born of Nihilom and Ceutra, brother to the late Malik, wielder of the All-Slaying Saber Oltangi! Your death is at hand!" -Ecthar, gloating further.

//Basic Information//

Name Ecthar, Orokin God
- Bringer of Judgement
- The Orokin Messiah
- The Thief of Life
- His Almightyness
Age Immemorial
Body Age Indecipherable
Gender Male, based on being referred to as such.
Species New Orokin God
Role/Rank Ecthar is essentially a king, despite the fact that he holds no true kingdom... yet.
Affiliation Orokin Insurrection
All Relationships
Malik, Brother, Deceased
Nihilom, Father
Ceutra, Mother
Personality Ecthar is extremely vain, due to his massive power and royal status, and boasts of himself all of the time. He is also cruel and violent, but fair to his Orokin underlings.
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Finally Back!!! I got really sick and had school to catch up on so any rps that I'm in, I will reply to tomorrow if it's ok. I missed Everyone!!! ^^

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I realize that this is a bad time for this, with Luna being sick and all, but I have to share this now, while I have time to sit down and be on my phone.

Possible Arc: The Taken Orokin God

Twenty-four years ago, our world was threatened by the Demon-God called Malik. His blade, his godlike strength, almost brought our civilization to ruin. In the end, it took the joint power of The Iron Order and House of Devils to subdue the Orokin Lord, and even then the earlier was almost wiped out. It was by a miracle that Malik was slain.
Now, a new Orokin threat rises, one we will not survive.
Ecthar, brother of Malik and new heir to the Orokin throne, has risen to claim our world, with a vendetta against mortal life and a blade that steals life from its victims. It has set out to kill us all, and has already punished those who dared to fight Malik. Now, he sets his plan into action, to ravage our world...

What Will Happen?

1. Keith will confront his family's killer, and bring closure to the Orokin Crusade.

2. Ecthar will attempt to curse Akame and Shard's child Irene to give birth to the being destined to end the world.

3. To defeat Ecthar, Keith will have to walk in Malik's dying footsteps and claim the title of an Orokin himself. He must take what remains of Malik's soul and convince him to become his ally.

4. Epic as shit final fight.

Provided this is accepted, I will hold off on its launch until a later time. Of course, details are flexible.
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[New Oc Coming]
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[Closed for +Shard The nephilim lord​]

Akame was cleaning up the room in their house as she wanted to surprise and make Shard happy as he has been having bad days it seem. Cat demons would clean or fight for their lover to make them happy again. Akame was going to do one since she doesn't fight unless it was a mate fight battle.

After a few hours later, Akame was researching potions and love charms because why not. She found a purple color one on the counter from it seems from her mother as it held a letter saying from mama. She decided to drink it to find herself with long pink hair, pink eyes with a skull on the side of her hair and lastly her clothes were gone. She scream loudly
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