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I am gathering the Next Team for our Agile Scrum SOHO development, to focus on our three top categories, Mobile App Tech, Health Tech and Energy Technology. Our Three Small office home office opportunities are being developed here.

Please Do NOT invite your friends, but Do invite your top developers and crowd funding genius buddies and pals, they are more than welcome to apply for membership. Money motivated are welcome too. We expect the earlier and the more you can produce for us now the large a piece of this pie you can attain for yourself continuously and long into the future.

There is a ton of rewards to offer when you realize you are working with some modern day Tesla level brilliant inventors and coders. No Kidding. It makes the impossible possible again. Dream it and we can do it. We even have the ability to use some early hopeful A.I. in our work today. If you are in this club, then one of your gains is having an early heads-up on new opportunities before everyone else, which you can easily use to translate into some personal wealth.
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