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Making Your Own PowerFrame Supplements
I just fielded a question via email, and figured I should make an official statement.

The basic answer is "please do!"

The PowerFrame Core Rulebook is currently under copyright, but since it's a toolbox system I do want to encourage people to make and distribute their own source material and get a DIY community going. I haven't been able to figure out which license would be best for that, but basically I'd be very cool with people making, distributing, and even selling derivative works as long as you're not on-selling the entire Core Rulebook!

If you ever come up with a cool PowerFrame supplement, just let me know and I'll give you an Official OK. If you have a really cool idea but don't have the tools or know-how to release a PDF, I can help out with layout and distribution! :)

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Gothic Cathedral Floorplan Map Tiles
I've just released a small collection of 1"-square map tile products for print and VTT, ideal for Gothic monster-hunting games! Build your own Cathedral Ward or Anor Londo.

You can buy each of the packs separately, but I've created a few bundles at 10% off the single-item prices if anyone wants to pick up a couple or all three.

I plan to expand this line of products with more building options, outdoor areas, upper works, and rooftop sets. Work is already underway on the next few sets.

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Gothic Cathedral Proof-Of-Concept
I've been interested in Gothic architecture for a while now, and playing Bloodborne has finally motivated me to work on a set of cathedral tiles, which I started planning a while ago.

The cool thing about Gothic architecture is its use of repetition, which makes it eminently suitable for tiling! I settled on a 6"x9" tile, because it allows me to base everything around six pillar-points that tile uniformly (although the façade and apse ends start to get a little more unique). Unfortunately using an odd-numbered dimension means that I can't use a checked floor-tile pattern (without getting complicated), but I think my marble effect turned out okay.

This image is a low-res test using sixteen tiles (eight unique tiles) to create a small cathedral. I have plans that will expand this into a larger basilica with the potential for expanding and varying the layout.

I haven't done a lot of work on gaming map tiles before, so any feedback would be appreciated. I'm doing the layout and rendering manually in Illustrator, so it's not exactly 3D-rendered quality. I used textured brown instead of solid black for solid walls and columns to hopefully save printer ink, but would solid black walls be better? Do the shading effects around the walls need work? I'm also considering changing the "outside" paving to grey, or maybe varying it so there's a different paving effect around the very edge of the cathedral. Is there anything in particular that you'd find useful in this sort of map pack?

Some elements are unfinished stand-ins, such as the windows and doors. I'll be adding more details later, such as a podium, statues, crypts, and so on. If it takes off, I hope to also create more external scenery (graveyards, fountains, streets, gardens), upper levels and rooftops, and catacombs.

Regarding recovery of Endurance on pg. 24, what is a 'period'? I'm guessing that it is a set period of time, but it is unclear how long it is?

Question regarding the weather tables,

When I'm looking for three 6's or 1's does that mean...

three 6's or three 1's (e.g.: 6,6,6 or 1,1,1)


three 6's or 1's (e.g.: 6,1,6 and 6,1,1 etc also apply)?

Similarly for two 6's and 1's,

Another quick power frame question,

In a couple of places fractional values come up (e. g. when calculating movement rates), I couldn't find a note on rounding, is there a 'default' assumption that we round down or something?

Couple of quick questions for you,

1/ In 'pieces of six' I was surprised you kept hit locations, and didn't instead just take mean Armour values? What is the thinking behind that?

2/ In the core rules, when determining successes, you suggest counting odd numbers, wouldn't it be easier to instead suggest halving the margin, rounding up? That would seem to flow more easily, and be quicker in practice?

3/ A whole bunch of weapons in the core rules would seem to lack the '2H' trait (crossbows, energy weapons, many firearms, etc)? At first I thought perhaps 2H was implied for ranged weapons, but then I saw that all of the bows have the 2H trait.

Generally love the rules so far though,

You should consider releasing a pack of your isometric map tiles, they'd be really good for map making,

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I finally managed to come up with a design I was happy with for the raxene in Ark Frontier. Now I just need to do the same for the vaion!
Meet Ark Frontier species one: the raxene!
The Raxene
The Raxene

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Who's well-versed in the PowerFrame RPG rules?
The way Size gets handled has been bugging me for a while (it works, but puts a big onus on each player to remember when to apply it as a modifier, which is a hassle to juggle during play). Previous attempts to incorporate it into stats has led to problems with weapons that use Size for Attack or Avoid for Damage, for example.

Linked is a PDF explaining a new approach, complete with a revised character sheet. The numbers all work out the same in the end, but having the numbers "pre-figured" should make them easier to reference and be less of a hassle than working them out on the fly. It does mean a set of extra stats to write down, but at least you can actually use the numbers listed on your sheet in all situations without having to apply Size as a floating modifier in different circumstances.

I think this is probably the most user-friendly I can make Size without starting again and writing a new version of the whole game. If you've read through or even run PowerFrame, and maybe had to deal with Size in-game (or read the rules and went "nope"), I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Blade Bind is in the Anime Blast Bundle of Holding, on now until June 26! It's still a great deal even if you already have Blade Bind, since you can pick up titles such as Tenra Bansho Zero, OVA Revised, and Teenagers from Outer Space for a song!

A percentage of the proceeds also go to the charity, Reading Is Fundamental.
Anime Blast
Anime Blast
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