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A song from my heart for a world that is in great need of healing.

I live in Sutherlin, Oregon, about 15 minutes from Umpqua Community College, which suddenly became famous recently for a tragic reason. The shocking eruption of senseless violence rocked our generally peaceful community, and brought me - like many others - to ask, "What can I do to respond to this?"

Life goes on, and the memories of that heart-wrenching week have faded slightly, but the underlying causes of the turmoil continue to haunt us, accompanied by the misunderstandings and divisiveness that feed on fears.
Out of my sorrow, compassion for all those whose lives were violently torn apart, and a desire to help make a difference in the world, this song was born. I offer it to the world with the hope that it might touch others' hearts, and perhaps bring about some feelings of love, inspiration, comfort or healing.

+Sean Shea

Here are the lyrics:

Strength and Compassion
Words and music by Sean Shea

What can I do, my brother, to respond to the madness?
What can I say, my sister, to ease the pain?
How can I help to heal a world that’s so torn to pieces?
Give me the strength and compassion, Lord
To give your love today.
Give me the strength and compassion, Lord
To give your love today.

1. When I take a look around,
I see the world turned upside down
I see brothers being brutal to their brothers
Where is the love that we should have for one another?
Now I hope and pray
That we may see a brighter day
And may our children grow up free of fear and hatred
And help create a world where all of life is sacred


2. In a world torn apart,
If we can keep a tender heart
And see each other with forgiveness and compassion
From our loving hearts will spring forth loving actions
And so with faith and trust
In that of God in all of us,
Let’s offer a helping hand to serve a higher purpose
We’ll find that our hearts are filled with peace through loving service


Give me the strength and compassion, Lord
To give your love today

© 2015 +Songs for Positive Change - Sean Shea Songs

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Hi everyone, how are you? Today I am going to talk you through - in the limited space of an article, so very briefly - how to solve conflictive situations in romantic relationships. Warmly Jerry
#relationships #love #romance

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Hi all on the NVC group. I recently published, on my blog, an exciting article called: "How our empathy and compassion change the world”. This article is about human relationships in general, through NVC.
Look forward to meeting you there

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Hi all on  Compassionate communication - NVC,
As fellow spiritual travelers and counselors Gordana and I have a few questions for you:
Are you fed up with flaring up in anger when in important conversations either at home or at work? Are you looking for alternatives to getting into arguments? Do you wish to stop seeking approval by pleasing others but ignoring your own needs? Are you protecting yourself by not expressing what is important for you?
If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then our long weekend workshop can help you learn a new way of communicating that will allow you to be fully honest and yourself, while, at the same time, connecting deeply with the other person, beyond arguments, judgments, criticism and labels of each other.
If you are interested but not quite sure whether to attend, contact us to arrange a free ½ hour Skype or telephone familiarization call, during which we can address any questions you might have.
For contact details and more information please visit our web page:

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Hi all on this NVC forum,
Since I joined this group some time ago, my partner and I created a retreat involving Yoga, NVC-based counseling and Ayurveda (please follow the link under our names & click through to the specific drop-down menu item: Relationship workshop & Yoga & Ayurveda).
It will be a cleansing, relaxing, playful workshop, set in a beautiful background (Chrissies's Hotel;, with plenty of guidance to connect within.
This 7-day get-together (this retreat is specifically designed for couples who have lost that sparkle in their relationship, yet wish to give it at least one other go. Single participants: if there are some areas that have stopped you in the past, you are very welcome, paying half price). Participants will start the self-awareness journey with yoga in the morning, followed by a healthy, or Ayurvedic, breakfast; then a morning session of NVC/needs-based counseling and then, in the afternoon, there is a choice of activities (more sessions with us, or free time, or Ayurveda).
This will take place in Kumily, Kerala, India close to the Peryiar tiger and elephant reserve, in March 2016, with more dates to follow, and we are proud to say that most of the money will go to the local community.
Come and join us !Warmly
Jerry & Gordana

I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and a master's degree in forensic psychology and I save this because it matters in what I wish to discuss. I am also an alpha female... and I say that because it also plays a role in the issue I'm facing. I I have been married to my husband for 16 years and the past 10 years have just been ridiculously worthless in my eyes. He has no appreciation for the psychology behind relationships or people for that matter. Needless to say, this is a big problem for me. But as a helper, I try really hard to not push any helpful information or obvious diagnosis on others even though it would be very beneficial if they knew what I know. That is what he thinks I do for everyone and that very well might be an issue that I will address. I believe self awareness is crucial for all human beings in all areas of their lives as well as my own. So, for those with knowledge on ways that I can step out of my role as an expert on human behavior in order to gain perspective, I welcome your input. Basically I believe that it is necessary for me to seek within myself for understanding as to why I have very little desire to put forth the effort to reach my husband on a level that we have not known for years and years. I feel it is important to mention that he is an absolute undeniable self-pitier... as an alpha female, I have no tolerance for that behavior although I know that as a wife, I should be more compassionate. It is necessary that I respect him in order to give him the intimacy that he needs. I am rambling so I will cut it short; as a professional in the psychology field, how am I supposed to disregard the knowledge that I have about relationships and communication in order for me to not come across judgemental and belittling? He has voiced his opinion about being intimidated by my education and my confidence and I cannot help but say that this turns me off. I know that sounds rude, but it is the truth and the truth is all I know.

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