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For people who want to make a fan made episode.
Ely is an SD80Mac 7216
Nicholas is a NS SD40-2 3345
Ben is a Conrail GP15 1642
Shawn is a NS C30-7 8041
Kerry is an Amtrak Dash 8 513 phase V
Lilly is a Amtrak P42 106 Phase IV
Lillim is a Amtrak P40 841 Phase III
Marie is a Amtrak Dash 8 515 Phase IV
John (NS&CSX Trainac) SD40-2 3393

Now the Bad Guys
Dave the CSX AC44 400
Larry the CSX SD80Mac 4591
Michael the CSX GP40 9727
Ward the CSX GP40 9705
Lillie the CSX GP40 6550
Neville the CSX F7 119

Mr. Mitchell

CSX Controller
Mr. Jackson

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New Characters

Janna The BNSF SD40-2 #8010
Janna is the First of
Being a Female Stalker
a Stalker that is Good
First H1 SD40-2 in TONS

Ferguson the BNSF SD40-2 #6966
Ferguson is a Hard Worker. He tend to Hang out with Alfonzo and Marco.

Alfonzo the BNSF SD40-2 6967
See Ferguson. He tends to hang out with Ferguson and Marco

Heckapoo the BNSF SD40-2 6918
Heckapoo is the "All seeing eye". She Tends to Help Others as well as Trick Lazy Engines.

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plot twist

Stewart who's name basis is a secret is +TX Trainiac! dun dun DUH!!!

Something to Note I want to say.

I am Making a TONS movie.
1. What is it about?
The Introductary Part is Coming. That is what will happen, but I do know that it was inspired by the SVTFOE Movie "Battle of Mewni". I know that at the Time of Uploading in my Area. it is Showing there
2. Who is Going to be in it?
refer to Question 1. More will Progress.

I am doing parts 1 and 2 and 3. The Ending will be Outsourced to a Lucky Person. So far it would be +CottonBeltSD40T or +Officer Benthetrainkid Returns to Film the Ending.

Stay tuned. Also Enjoy Battle of Mewni and Don't Spoil to anyone else :)

+Kentucky Railway Productions is banned for raiding this Group

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MR 37 spaem

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tfw when ely was actually CSX's spirit of benning

Jesus Christ. Whoever is raiding this Community NEEDS TO STOP

oh ho

looks like anyone can join nau

tiem for meem

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Message to whoever is hacking the community and constantly messing up the community name.
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