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Have you heard about the 4-hour documentary that just hit select theaters on the budget cuts at Berkeley? Here is a review from Inside Higher Ed. 

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Assoc. of Governing Boards (AGB) survey of college & university board members about ed tech strategies at their schools. THe results are presented as a series of info-graphics, so it is easy to scan the results. 

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Dan's minutes from tonight's (10/6) call:
 Here are the minutes from our meeting tonight.  Please take a look at the dates selected for our future meetings and let everyone know if there are any issues.

   1.  Outlines and slides in the shared folder by October 11th.
   2.  October 13 - meeting 8 pm; I didn't realize that is Columbus day weekend, I would like to move that meeting to the 14th if possible.
   3.  October 17th- dry run of presentation @ 8:30 pm.
   4.  The need for a future prep session will be determined at that time.

Link below is to the spreadsheet we are asking everyone to complete by Thursday the 11th for their presentation. 

Group phone numbers:
Dan: 203 994 6034
Corbette: 615-504-6090
Andrew: 617-694-4924
Sarah: 419-204-2075 (text)

So here is everyone's email:
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