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Research studies have started to show that pranayama can have positive impact on anxiety and stress-related disorders. In this article, we will specifically focus on whether yoga, through its various forms, can help improve one’s spinal health.

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Springtime is upon us, and for many Yoga practitioners who live in areas that experience long winters, the increasing light and warmth of this season is very welcome. Just like the seasons in temperate climate zones, there are also different types of Yoga practices. Some practices are cooling, and other sequences of asanas are quite warming.
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Ecommerce industry is booming at its peak, recently. As people prefer online shopping rather than physical shopping, businesses can gain profit via ecommerce websites.

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Practising yoga consistently can be extremely rewarding. Yoga can be practised in various forms such as pranayama or breathing exercises, meditation, and yogasanas or yoga postures. Furthermore, yoga can be practised by anyone – young or elderly, athlete or a normal person—yoga can be suitably modified to match everyone’s need.
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We are not separate . . . .
(Neither alone, Nor none)

We see different
We talk different
Our faces different

In spite of -
Same in you
Same in me
Same one in us, linked

And -
You are in me
You having me
We having same, connected

As -
A drop is alone, when separate
Drop becomes sea when join with
Drops are different - Water is same

And As -
Light is alone, when separate
Light is one, on mix, one or more
Lights are different - light is same

▶ As Such -
We neither alone, nor none
We are not separate and We are one
We are one and same, as the same one in all of us

▶ By actual experince, firsthand -
Meditation makes You aware all the connectivity, practically

( #Meditation #Yoga #WeAreOne #NotAlone )
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人生也如同吃一場豐盛的七星級自助餐! 你如果只挑選價錢貴的來吃,其它上百道的菜就一定吃不下了~猶似現在只為賺錢就不顧一切的人。

你如果每道菜都要吃到,那必定每樣菜都不能吃多,而且還要全方位調和平衡無負擔有智慧的揀選所吃,並吃出精神煥發、身心喜悅、活力旺盛~才能算是吃的健康 …昇華飲食邁入全人類永生之道~chapter.3

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Within this course, you will receive all the necessary materials to teach Hatha Yoga, at a Professional Level, as a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher!

Additionally, you will discover the secrets of Yoga Business Development. Communication, marketing, and networking are skills every Yoga teacher should have. All of this can be found in this course as well as all courses in The Original Series.
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