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Welcome to Squidward Fan Club!!!!!! We hope you enjoy your time here!
What is this community?
This community is a fan community based off of the show Spongebob Squarepants.

Who can join?
You can join this community if you want, but you must be a fan of squidward.

Of course, we have a few rules:

-No Inappropriate, Porn or NSFW material! There are kids here, and you will be banned if you do so.

--No swearing! If you wanna rage, say something else instead of a swear word.

--Be kind to everyone, that's a good way to start off and make friends.

--Don't ask to be a mod! If we need mods, we will create a mod audition section.

--Please put posts in the correct categories. Posts that are not in the right category will either be moved or deleted.

--Please do not post anything asking for likes or reshares.

-Please listen to the mods, and the owners.

Mod Rules:

-Please respect everyone, even if your a mod you don't need to think your better then everyone else.

-If you want someone to be banned, tell one of the owners who they are and explain why they need to be banned, then all the owners will discuss the problem together.

Also, there is now mod auditions... So if you want to become a mod please answer the questions below:

1. Why do you want to become a mod?

2. What would you do if you saw somebody breaking any of the rules listed above?

3. Have you created a profile?

4. Will you continue to respect others?

5. Will you continue to follow the rules above?

You will have 5 chances to obey these rules. If any rules are broken, you will be warned. After 5 warnings, we will ban you. Also, if you complain that you are not having fun here, we will remove you.

Owners: +Sonic Sega Meow

Have Fun!

btw, better community banner is coming soon!

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I'm new and I drew Squidward!

Aye. I'm new here so ya. I'm bored

Ya know

Squidward should try the Baritone, we'd have even more in common XD
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