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L2 Polo Shirt Survey. Please fill out the survey. Thanks.

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Link to email list for marketing

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Meeting on Tuesday, October 18 from 3:45 to 4:15 in M114 (Candace's Room)

At this meeting, we will look over and discuss the organizational groups that have been created. We will have time to ask clarifying questions and make suggestions for groups that are not on the list. We will share a link to a survey so everyone can sign up for the group they would like to be on.

Organizational Group Description Document

Please add any suggestions you have for preconference topics that we should try to offer.

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We are still gathering ideas for L2 and Precon leaders. If you have not yet had a chance to do that, please add them to this document. Thanks!

Please join us for our next L2 Warsaw planning meeting. At this meeting we will discuss what committees we need and start to form some of the committees. Our meeting will be on Tuesday, October 18th from 3:45 to 4:15. Does anyone want to offer up their room? Shayne's is used that day. I'll send a calendar invite also.

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Agenda for August 30th Meeting (3:40 - 4:10) in room C106

1. Choose a small team (2-3 people) to write the brief description that will support our theme for L2 Warsaw - we need this as soon as possible as this is our starting point - completed by September 5th?

2. Share the process for recommending L2 Leaders for the conference. Recommendations go on the document attached. Deadline: Friday, September 9th

3. Briefly discuss creation of planning committees.

Are we happy with the theme. ?
As we need to move forward.


I cubed - (with the 3 superscript) = Include, Inquire, Ignite

The thinking behind this order is such that "include" is where it begins. Everyone has a part, a say and is involved - students and professionals. This is specifically a key part of the ASW mission and is also a philosophy that is affecting much of education these days. "Inquire" is the next step. So much of life (thinking, learning, goal-setting, design, etc.) is about asking the right questions. Behind that is being able to ask questions in the first place. Education is no different - for students, families, and staff - alike. It requires a deliberate environment where questions are encouraged and where such behavior becomes the norm. Then, "Ignite!" This is a strong word. I like that. It feels motivational. It is a bit uncommon too. Ignition is behind explosive forces. It propels race cars and rockets. So much about Living in Beta is making the decision to start. That is what ignition is about - after including and inquiring, so as not to be blind. But, it is about jumping in at some point.

Other ideas - include, inquire, inspire (Sol)

I really like the way inspire sounds at the end, actually. The word tends to be used a whole lot and doesn't necessarily imply action. But, aside from those aspects, it is a great word and may indeed be better than ignite. Inspire rhymes. And, it also is a big part of what conferences are supposed to do. Not only do we get inspired by the conference, but we also bring back take aways and seek to leverage them in ways to inspire colleagues - and of course, students. As much as I like the novelty of ignite, I am thinking that maybe inspire would be better. What does the group think?

Some byline possibilities:
Ignite the flame of learning
Imagine the possibilities
Going beyond

i is an imaginary number. I (squared) = -1. So, ties there too.

But imagine can be used as a byline too "Imagine what's possible...." (A bit hackneyed, but something along those lines, maybe).

Some other words can be considered too: illuminate, imagine, inspire

Other words with i - illuminate. Google "Positive words that start with i" - there is a great list.
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