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~General rules~
1. Do not steal anybody's art. You will only get 1 warning for this. If you steal art for a 2nd time, you will be banned immediately. No second chances, no excuses.

2. Do not be rude towards other fandoms. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.

3. No pornagraphic content in this community please. We want to keep this place PG!

4. No trolls please. Do not antagonize people for the fun of it.

5. Be respectful to everybody including yourself.

6. If you see an art thief, please mention a mod. We will deal with it. This applies to any and all rule breaking.

7. Please don't ask to be a mod. It's annoying. It makes you less likely to be a mod.

8. Try not to spam the community with your posts! We want to see other people's posts too!

9. Post everything in the correct category otherwise, it will be removed or moved.

10. No spam. Spam will be removed immediately. You only get three warnings!

11. You may use bases/lineart, but please take your time with them, and if you can, please link to the base/lineart creator.

12. Do not post pictures asking for likes, reshares or comments.

13. Don't complain about stupid things and don't try to guilt trip any of the mods.

14. Please do not ignore or block mods. You will be banned.

15. Do not reshare banned members OCs. Your post will be removed and you will have a warning.

16. No advertising communities.

17. Do not be rude towards people’s designs. For example, do not call an OC mary sue, edgy, etc. OCs are meant to be fun and they’re meant to allow people to be creative. Only polite criticism is allowed here.

18. No NSFW roleplays, please. Keep that in private posts.

~Mod rules~
1. Follow all the rules the members do.

2. Don't abuse your power as a mod.


Rainbow "Glory" Dash
Shilengale (Laurance)

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Can somebody Draw her? She is my main oc

The last pic is her last and true Cutiemark

I never really posted on here but I kind of am desperate for of art..

Ill draw one of yours if you draw mine
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Here +kikiriri UndertaleGirly​ I did this for you~ Hopefully its not too bad

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So I have a adopt but to get her draw the second oc best art gets scarlet
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Hello Everyone!
I'm Hailstorm
New to this Community hehe can't wait to get started!

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I'm new.
Sooooo I'm trying to sell/get rid of all my pony OC's, seeing as I no longer need them.
I have around 50-something....? Yeah I know I used to be obsessed
So I was wondering if anyone could get a general price in points on them. Or some of them. Any of them. XD
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It's been a while since I drew something ;3;
Drew a couple OCs I haven't drawn before 
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Anyone want to draw Country yup I finnally drew One of my Oc Have so many more By the way his feet are his light blue

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H e l l o p e o p l e o f e a r t h

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