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hi guys. Yall can ask me any questions here in these comments

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do you like me? or am i just a shadow?
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So slender? How do I look has a Gothic Cat! Honestly, I don't care for your opinion since Ilyour Stupid. But anyway bye!

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Hmmm... hi I'm... New here... I'm not really good at these things...
Name: Kittykiller, but would rather be called Kittylover.
Gender: Female
She has long pink hair which is usually in a bun, since it's very long. She has blue big eyes that sparkle. But never mess with her or she'll punish you.
Personality: Shy, Nice, but rathers being rude and dirty. She has two sides to her. Her eyes change to red cat eyes when she's very am very or she just wants to do it. Slendy always has hard times to get her to do what he wants her do. But she is half cat and a cat can do whatever it what's. So Kittylover doesn't give a fuck, if she disobeyed Slendy.
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