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Welcome to the Canterlot royal guards. Here, we protect the princesses with our lives. I am the first mare captian: sky wonder but call me mistress wonder. You do as I say. And stay away from my metal leg and wing. And just have some fun whilst on your breaks. Make the most of them!

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//Just so everyone knows, be sure to have it as a 'Ask to join.' There are spammers, hackers and raiders. Please, be careful.

sits in office creating a wanted poster as someone just tried to assasinate her"and he his wepon of choice is a rifle. Oh yes! Reward!" scribbles down a reward of 1000 bits. Walks over to photocopier and prints out 100 to put over canterlot.

In character as mistress wonder:

Wanders around checking troops uniform and wepons. "You there, weatherly. I've chosen you to be my right hand pony. Meet me in my office 5 o'clock, SHARP." She says and walks away.

New timetable. Will be given out soon:

6am day watch switch
7am lookout
8am breakfast with some in duty
9am training with others on duty
10am lookout
11am break with captin on lookout
11:30am post check
12pm lookout
1pm lunch with some on duty
2pm war tactics with higher level ponies on duty
3pm lookout
4pm break
5pm post check
6pm dinner with some on duty
7pm lookout
8pm night watch switch
9pm-11pm lookout
12am-2am night watch break+ snacks with some on duty
3am-5am areil lookout
6am start again

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