So where will the notifications come from (PS4)

I will no longer be posting meets on here, i will post them on the playstation community "All things SynysterGames"

And for xbox, i will post it on my feed. Thanks.

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Appologies for the spam. The kid has been banned.

Today's meet is cancelled. I did one yesterday on accident, so that will be the replacement of today's.

Sorry for the inconvenience, still getting used to my schedule.

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This carmeet will be on the PS4.         

Check out our Youtube!

How to join :
1. Have PSN: HypeDrone_  added. 
2. Join the host listed above in session at the time of this event. 
3. Make sure you know the rules. 
4. You HAVE to be in the crew, Boosted Auto Club.

Specifics :

Sports cars only.

Never bring a Pegasus, or non modifiable vehicle.

For more timezones and rules go to our website www.BoostedAutoClub.com/timezones

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