PTSD means the trauma was 'traumatic' rather than 'not all that bad' - info about Denial within PTSD, which affects society as well as people with PTSD

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Tania Emes 11:09 AM
I would like to see the name Post Traumatic Stress Disorder changed to something other than Post & Disorder. It appears to be a very natural response to Trauma and should be recognized as just that. It is an horrendous thing people go through and very tough on family and friends too. It would be more beneficial in my view, if the name for the response to trauma reflected that it is a response, it is recoverable, and it is in the present. The traumatic incident set off the resopnse and the response is very real and very much in the present. Post means past and disorder reflects something is not ordered. The present name could indicate that someone just can't get over what happened in the past and so they are somehow defective, they should have moved on. For the person with PTSD that feels like a death sentence. Thus, I say, the event and the response are connected as one and are in the present and a recovery phase in the future. The response is so common that it cannot possibly be disordered and thus a Disorder; it is ordered by our human make-up to assist in our survival. 
And so I put it to the people who name these things that it needs to be changed. 
Please spread this word and discuss if you have a view or any other ideas.
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Trauma Response & Recovery

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I hope you can find some calmness by looking at the delicate beauty of nature. Oh and some humor at my silly dog :-)

Christmas is a time of many mixed emotions for most people. It is more difficult for those who are grieving the loss of someone they knew. Loss can come about by the passing of a loved one, or by significant changes to a person caused by serious injury, including PTSD.
A person who is suffering from Traumatic stress is truly suffering, often alone and in silence.  For friends and family, they don't seem to behave the way they once did, they seem unreachable, numb, distant, impatient, unable to engage in life's activities and conversations, they are just not the person they used to be.
Confusion can overwhelm everyone around them about how and why they are so different and frustration ensues because they don't appear to know how different they are and the impact they are having on those around them. How self centered they have become!  If you are feeling this for a loved one with PTSD, you should know that the grief and frustration you are feeling they are feeling too, but it is much worse for them because they have lost themselves. They are now in a place that is simply terrifying. 
They are probably unable at this point in time to even consider your expectations that they snap out of it and return to normal (putting it bluntly for the sake of brevity).
In the early stages of PTSD it is terrifying, as one can feel completely detached from themselves. They can be experiencing total memory loss, confusion, not knowing where they are, what day or year it is, or even where their home is if they are out somewhere. Places they have spent their life visiting can suddenly become a confusing environment and navigating through them is horrendous. 
I will continue this narrative in a few days time and give some space now for someone else to contribute (hopefully) 
Remember this is temporary, you will get better and you will learn things about yourself you would never have known. Your friendship with yourself and the strength you find will lift you higher and higher. It is a road for the patient not the speedy but things that take time in my experience are always the most valuable and always what we cherish the most. 

Hi Brian, Thank you for joining, I am thrilled. 
I have wanted to do something like this for a long time and so I hope it becomes a place where people can take comfort in their own strength by reading about others. 
My chats are limited by time over the next week but after next weekend I will add much more. Please add any information, experience or thoughts and help kick this off :-).   Thank you again for joining. 

Dislcaimer: I am not a Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Medical Practitioner. Nothing I write here is intended to be advice to be followed in any way. I am writing from experience and knowledge I have gained from being a human being, with the only intention of seeking open communication for people with PTSD.

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