we now have 50 babies at this time. we had 2 litters last Saterday and Sunday. 

first, you need to bond with the pig(s) and help them trust and get used to you being there, for about 3 or4 days. then you can start letting them out and let them walk around.

Dont be suprized if they dont go out the first times smoothly, its normal. as you follow them around, tap them with a show whip, PVC pipe, or even a stck to let them get used to you walking with them for about 10 mins. then you can work on going loger later on. do this for approx. a week.

FARE WARNING!!! they might start barking and huffing and running around after they start going out more often.

it also depends on when you get the pigs and when you fair is.

this is it for right now there is a LOT more info for me to cover just not right now.
Good luck!

ok so here is some genral information on how to take care of your pig or any animal, but this is for SHOWING at a fair if you are in 4h or ffa

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this is this years pigs! we are walking them and starting to train them for the following fairs: Shelby, Great Falls, and Billings.
walking pigs
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here is some of the pigs
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we will be having 55 babies at the sale in shelby MT on the last saterday in march :-)

i will put info eventually about our operation

we have about 70 - 85 baby pigs right now, and we will have 2 more litters her in march.

if you would like genral info on pigs ask me :-)

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this is anouther way to find out about us.
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