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We are working on adding AMD gpu support on sheepit.
Before it goes live, we are asking for a last test from users, to make sure everything is ok.
Sheep it Render Farm
Sheep it Render Farm

Hallo, I have a project "Horror movie 3D wood animation" it is about 2000 frames. It would last about 2-3 weeks to render. i was considering the help of your community, however I am not sure how your communit works.

Let us say I will send you 1/2 of my project the remaining - 500 plus 500 frames wouldbe made on my computer. Then what ? Will you inform me when I should render a part of someone others project on my computer ?

I have youtube channel PhinkerPie and 2 available machines. Hower I need to upload videos regurarly to sustain the growth of me as Youtuber. (im not adding only blender animations).

Could you please someone explain it to me ?

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Already an another 10 million frames!!!
It's starting to be hard to keep up :)
70 millions frame rendered on Sheepit! Thank you so much to be part of this amazing community!
If you render a frame in the next few days, you will get a nice reward.
Sheep it Render Farm
Sheep it Render Farm

SheepIT 2.79b Filmic log encoding base

Hey all! Does anyone know if sheepit supports 2.79b filmic? I tried to render a few frames using the 2.78a filmic option but messed up because I used the Principled BSDF shader. Does anyone know if I can use filmic log in the 2.79b renderer,? I don't want to change all the materials back to non-principled shaders.

Hello, just wondering what the requirements to remain "connected" to Sheep It.

Will Sheep It disconnect a client if no frames are rendered within a certain time period? I've tried twice now, currently on the third go, and when I hit resume after being paused for some time (8-24+hrs of being paused) it resets the time to 0.

Thanks! :)

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Hello All, hello dev(s),

I have a question/suggestion for you.

It is about the server being overloaded (see attached screenshot)

If I understand the problem, it comes from projects with low render time (i.e. a few seconds/frame) which makes rendering servers submit their work and request new works too fast.
Which cause sort of a DDoS attack.

Is it possible, for you, to guess how much time a process takes per frame BEFORE offering it to renderers ?

If so, would it be possible for you to assign multiple frames to renders in order to have a longer rendering process ?

I got a total of 40 CPU cores (real, not "threads") that are just waiting, it's been allmost an hour and they could be rendering one of the 120k+ frames remaining.

Regards !

Hi, I'm running the latest version of Sheep-it and it keeps saying CAN_NOT_CREATE_DIRECTORY.

SheepIt version: sheepit-client-5.596.2884.jar
net.lingala.zip4j.exception.ZipException: net.lingala.zip4j.exception.ZipException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Negative time
at net.lingala.zip4j.unzip.Unzip.initExtractFile(
at net.lingala.zip4j.unzip.Unzip.initExtractAll(
at net.lingala.zip4j.unzip.Unzip.extractAll(
at net.lingala.zip4j.core.ZipFile.extractAll(
at net.lingala.zip4j.core.ZipFile.extractAll(
at com.sheepit.client.Utils.unzipFileIntoDirectory(
at com.sheepit.client.Client.prepareWorkingDirectory(
at com.sheepit.client.standalone.GuiSwing$
Caused by: net.lingala.zip4j.exception.ZipException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Negative time
at net.lingala.zip4j.unzip.UnzipEngine.unzipFile(
at net.lingala.zip4j.unzip.Unzip.initExtractFile(
... 9 more
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Negative time
at net.lingala.zip4j.unzip.UnzipUtil.setFileLastModifiedTime(
at net.lingala.zip4j.unzip.UnzipUtil.applyFileAttributes(
at net.lingala.zip4j.unzip.UnzipEngine.unzipFile(
... 10 more

Just a question... I already installed Blender for my own work and SheepIt installs another copy. Can I use my existing Blender copy for SheepIt?

hello everyone,
an interested to create a website like SHEEP IT and code from starch but i have no idea of how to start.anybody have any ideas or maybe a tutorial ,resources i can use
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