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Carthaginian Phalanx, figures by Zvezda
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Just a few pictures from a quick Basic Impetus 2 solo test battle I put together yesterday. Republican Romans vs. Carthaginians with slightly modified lists. The victory went for the Romans, with a crushing 15 vs 5 VD in losses. I used Saga shields as disorder markers and 5mm dice to record the permanent VBU losses on each unit's base.

Coming from DBA 2.2, I like what I saw in BI2, its VBU mechanics work quite well, reflecting the slow wearing of the units. This is a great game to play in 1/72 using 15mm standard bases, the armies look beautiful on the table and didn't take that much time to paint.

The figures are a mixture of Zvezda, HäT and Italeri for both armies.
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A recent game

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4th test game with ACW Black Powder

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Our last game in 1\72nd scale.

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My friend Mike likes to do conversions. Here he takes two of the Zvezda Numidian Cavalry and converts them into Athenian Horse modeled after a picture in an Osprey book.
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