Hi Everybody,
as we all know, our Shield Console can replace a lot of "Living-Room equipment", in my case it is already my TV, Streaming, Media All-In-One Solution.

What I am missing a bit is the ability to listen to my precious CD Collection in outstanding Stereo-Quality.

To achieve this (1st things first) I am currently replacing my 5.1 Front Speakers with something more serious for Music.

I had the idea of connecting a USB CD-Drive to the Shield for playback, but I found that the Apps I tested cannot switch the Amp from "Surround" to "Stereo", and even if I disable Stereo-Upmix in the Options, the rear Speakers are always active for some reason...

You see I could really need some recommendations from you, how to achieve my goal to turn the Shield into an outstanding HiFi Solution as well. Maybe someone here has already successfully done so?

Any one reporting apps, sistem or screen problems after the update? #ShieldTV update 6.3

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ShieldTV update 6.3 out

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Does anyone knows of a good app to test the nvidia shield internet speed??

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Googlecast causing wi-fi drops

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Anybody with severe battery issues on K1 tablet? Like, only 2.5 hours on Netflix from 100% to 20%

Anyone with a SHIELD Tablet/K1 with LineageOS installed?

Hello everyone wanting to wish you and your family a happy holidays, stay safe and game on...
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