Hawkheart and Tigerleap have just finished burying Stormstar, and Icehead has gone with Raintalon to the Moonpool to receive his leader status.
I gazed at the stars, my mind whirling. Icehead is leader. Icehead is leader. His ambition has been revealed.
"Hawkheart!" My name came as a hiss from Tigerleap, who, crouched against the stony upper layer's wall with her dark brown and gray pelt, was perfectly camouflaged."There's a cat in the camp."

Welcome to StormClan.

Leader - Stormstar

Deputy - Icehead

Medicine Cat - open

Warriors - open

Apprentices - open

Queens - open

Elders - open

Icehead has just gone to the Moonpool with Raintalon, the medicine cat, to become leader, leaving Hawkheart and Tigerleap behind.
"So we're the only ones left here. Amazing how small our Clan is," Tigerleap mews.
"I know. No rogues ever pass by, otherwise we'd have tons of cats by now. Stormstar would never reject them. But Icehead... the cat who, at first, had trouble hunting four moons after we learned how to! Icehead, never the quickest thinker!" I hissed, frustrated.
"Otherwise you'd be leader."
"I'd be a better one than Icehead, but Stormstar knew I didn't want to be leader."
Tigerleap stopped licking her paw. "You didn't? For the best offender in the Clan?"
"Raintalon is more of a quick thinker, and you are more agile and defense-ish," I meowed.
There was silence for a moment.
"Let's bury Stormstar now. We've delayed too long," Tigerleap said as the first stars began to form.

Icehead is the new leader.
"Now?!" I yowled. "Stormstar just died! We're supposed to mourn him!"
"Stormstar is gone!" Icehead hissed. "I am the new leader and you will obey my orders!"
"I will not obey an idiotic, so-called leader!" I snapped, my fur bristling again.
"Then leave!" Icehead hissed.
"I won't do that, but to me, you'll always be Icehead," I hissed; then, smoothing my fur down, I stalked away to my nest.
"Well, then, Raintalon," Icehead said, the blaze in his eyes dying now, "Take me to the Moonstone." My friend met his eyes with defiance, but escorted him away.
How was StarClan going to accept Icehead as a leader?

StormClan has just been formed, made of the cats who survived after the Great War of Animals. I am Hawkheart.
"Badger!" Raintalon, my best friend and a white tortoiseshell, screeched, wrenching herself through the bramble bushes that lead into our camp. "Outside. More than one-" Her voice trailed off as three of the monstrous black-and-white creatures burst into camp, fangs bared.
My fur bristled, and Stormstar, our dark gray leader, ran into the open.
"Attack!" he screeched. Redthorn, the red tabby deputy, raced out of the warriors' den, followed closely by Tigerleap and a few others. Meanwhile, I'd launched myself at the huge creatures, sinking my claws into their thick fur and biting at their ears.
An outstretched paw caught me on the haunch, and I snarled in pain.
"Hawkheart!" Someone called my name, and Redthorn leapt past me and the took the blow that would've taken my life. Blood oozed from the wound in his neck.
"He's past saving now," Raintalon crouched next to me, her breath on my cheek. I took one more glance at the fallen deputy and gave myself a shake, then followed my friend back into the fray.

After the battle with the badgers...
I pressed myself against Stormstar's cold body. "Are you sure this isn't his last life?" I asked Raintalon anxiously.
"How am I supposed to know?" she asked me back, taken aback.
"Well, you're like the medicine cat around here..." I answered.
"Then I'm guessing that this isn't his last life," Raintalon replied, and right on cue, Stormstar sat up, gasping. The ugly wound on his neck had mostly closed, though drops of blood still oozed out.
"Cobwebs," Tigerleap said immediately, and Icehead, a dark gray tom, ran off to get some cobwebs.
"Redthorn," Stormstar mumbled, though he was getting stronger and scrambling to his feet. "Where's my deputy?"
I lowered my head, ashamed. "He took a fatal blow that would've taken me. It should have taken me!"
"Redthorn did the noble thing." Stormstar's voice cracked with pain and sadness, and he closed his eyes. "It was his destiny. StarClan, what are you doing to us?"
Icehead returned with the cobwebs, which Raintalon immediately snatched and placed on Stormstar's wound.
"No," our leader said, warding off the cobwebs with a paw. "Tend to the others first. I have more than one life. No one else does."
Raintalon dipped her head, and began patching up Tigerleap's wounds.
"I must appoint a new deputy now," Stormstar meowed, heaving himself up onto his addressing rock. "Cats who are old enough to catch their own prey, please ga-"
He was cut short as a tiny snake slithered up from a crack and made its way toward the cat.
"No!" I hissed, and hurtled at the snake, killing it instantly. But it had already done its job.
"Now I'm dying," Stormstar meowed faintly, fighting for breath again. "The snake was poisonous. But the new... deputy will... be Icehead." He looked at all of us once more, then he closed his eyes and didn't move.
Icehead leapt onto the rock beside me. "Raintalon, for my leadership purposes you will be the medicine cat," he mewed, and unless I saw wrong, his eyes glittered. "You should take me to the Moonpool now."
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