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La'Shyra Dotson

Missing Since: Mar 8, 2017
Missing From: Columbus, OH
DOB: Jun 13, 2005
Age Now: 11
Sex: Female
Race: Black
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 140 lbs

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Thank you for the invite.

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Hardcore facts: the United States government is, in fact, the world's biggest drug dealer!!!! 😈😈😈. Research it. This took place in Yucatan, Mexico in 2012. The CIA's plane crashed trying to bring in approximately 4 tons of cocaine in the United States. If ya'll believe there is a war on drugs then let this sink in. By the way, Greed brought the plane down. Smdh
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There was a method in the governments madness leading up to its planned destruction of black Wallstreet civilization in 1921 located in Tulsa, Oklahoma to where we are today. We are experiencing the effects of his master plan which is constantly hyped in the entertainment world which routinely glorifies our oppressed ghetto living conditions, ballers lifestyle, dark side of surviving in the [government owned] prisons and county jails. All too often in the rap game most lyrics includes bragging about pimping, hustling, extreme violence, and representing the hood. The idea behind glorifying this low-life dark world in the form of entertainment is to instill in the minds of the listeners a false sense of hope of making out the ghetto. Statistically, as dangerous as ghetto life is in urban cities today the odds are very far and few.

We have been far removed outside of our great civilizations in America to being conditioned over a century later to accepting the "dumbed down" hood life. This is a major shift signifying our reduced transformation from high class civilization to poverty.

From living in a great wealthy and independent black American Empire to living "ghetto fabulous"

By definition a civilization according to most standard dictionaries is defined as:" a relatively high level of cultural and technological development "

In the early 1900's, during the existence of black Wallstreet in Tulsa, Oklahoma the people of that civilization enjoyed the luxuries of having: 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, two movie theaters, a hospital, post office, libraries, schools, law offices, 6 private planes, media, sporting league, and a bus station.

This once lavish community built by hardworking former slaves was truly an empire! However, 93 years later we find ourselves reduced to improvised ghettos and poor living conditions.

By definition, ghetto according to most dictionaries is defined as: "a quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live because of social, legal, or economical pressures"

Todays gangsta rap lyrics is reinforcing "ghetto life" upon our living conditions that unfortunately many black people who work to make out the ghetto seem to find their way back. Songs like "welcome to the ghetto" by rapper Spice 1, "Welcome to my hood" by DJ Khaled, "geto boys and girls" by rappers geto to name a few, heavily conditioned our people's mind set to accept a reduced place in America civilization that is counterproductive and for the most part dangerous.

Gangsta rap music is so advanced in lyrical skills and phenomenon tracks that it has hypothized the broader public society in a world of entertainment frenzy. This consists of battle raps, cyphering, amateur rap videos, opening rap concert performances, featured artists, etc. The media entertainment influence surrounding "hood life" or "street life" rap is to prevent another re-emergence of black Wallstreet civilization or any of the other previously existing aspiring all black civilizations that once existed in the past.

The dumbing down effect is designed to engrave a permanent psychological conditioning of the mind to submit or wholly accept our reduced living conditions as well as penitentiary lifestyle. In that way the overwhelming distraction associated with glorifying the hood will completely stagnant the black success rate under this reformulated integrated society for years to come.

38 years since the beginning of the invention of rap music we STILL TALKING ABOUT GHETTO LIFE. SMDH 
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Why are churches in America working with the antichrist government by forcing its members to comply with government regulations to give up your wealth through tithe and further allowing your own church to prepare its members for Government run FEMA camps?

How can any church work with the antichrist government and worship Jesus christ? What is really going on? 

This explains the one world religion ideology. The Christian Church is complying with this abomination!!!!!

This video explains how the Christian Church is preparing to sell out its own members to the United States government. Smdh 

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The Black Panther Party in the 1960's were very successful in bringing nutritional programs and education to minority communities across America. They are currently shunned by racist white America who paint them as violent street thugs. Smdh
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From peaceful Black Wallstreet civilization to militant Black Panther Party

It was no accident that the black panther party was created in 1966. It was evolution by way of racial oppression that brought about its existence. Many white Americans equate the Black Panther Party with black racism or a radical street hoodlums which all to often invokes their insecurities towards black people altogether; consciously and subconsciously. Looking at real events that took place in American history neither are true. The black panther party was created in California by founders like Huey P. Newton as a means to combat political injustice created by racist members in the system who intentionally sought to oppress black citizens. Most white American citizens refused to admit this fact even today and continue to demonize the identity of any independent black movement who once stood for justice of their people. White Americans would cause black people to believe that the system is our only course for resolution but refused to engage in a solution, for example, to the problem of the on going crisis of racist killing by police all across the country concerning unarmed black citizens. Along with these racially motivated killings carried out by mostly white police officers, the internal affairs investigation surrounding these outbreak of murders committed by police officers in each isolated incident was cleared of any wrongdoing​--thereby signaling a continued wave of racial injustice and oppression.

Before the existence of the black panther party previously in the early 1900's there existed a peaceful wealthy black civilization located in Tulsa, Oklahoma dubbed "Black Wallstreet". They were successful former slaves who shocked America with their business savvy independent accomplishments. History was altered when a white female claimed she was raped by a black man from that community. An entire black civilization was savagely destroyed in 1921 by white lynch-mobs and the United States government, both, killing thousands of innocent black people who had nothing to do with that alleged isolated incident!!! By that historical account it is correct to assume that racist white political bigots are systematically setting up black American citizens for failure.

While Americans show respect to our U.S. Soldiers who have fought in wars for the freedom of the people we often ignore the fact that black citizens throughout history remained under political oppression; the opposite of freedom. In that regard, it was not the United States military who is responsible for black people's freedom on American soil, but, instead the Black Panther Party movement who helped shaped our equal rights in the system among other blacks advocating in those times, most notably Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Megar Everts, etc.

The Black Panther Party is also responsible for helping poor citizens receive what is called WIC (women, infant, children) which is a program created by the Black Panther Party in 1972 which they get no credit for even today. The WIC program offers government funded free food vouchers for all families in America of all racial ethnicities that otherwise could not afford to pay bills and buy nutritional supplements for kids on a fixed or low income basis.

The Black Panther Party performed other charitable deeds like feeding the homeless people in soup lines, handing out free clothes, and providing shelter for the homeless.

For all intended purposes the United States soldiers in the 1960's did not contribute to any humanitarian causes provided by the Black Panther Party to poor minorities which improvised conditions was created by this racist United States Government.

To show contradiction, it was the United States military that was deployed in 1921 to assist white lynch-mobs in its racist attack of killing black citizens in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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