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❁8 ∂є¢ємвєя 2015❁18:00❁
Hi welcome to this community 💘 I hope you join us 💗 We post in this community things about Ariana 💟 If u join, please stay active. ☪ Don't spam but post a lot 💜 Thank you all so much for 37 people's who join this community 🖌 That mean's so much for me! 🎈 Please invite Ariantors amd your friends 🗣 If you have a problem, you can tell me 👄 Have fun in this community ☁️

❁How can you stay active?❁
You are active as you do the following things : Give messages +1 (Like them ) 💭 Respond to messages. 💬 Place themselves if possible , but do not spam ! ❄️ That is important! ☃ do you want to be more active ? 🙈 Then reshare messages 💎

Yesss! 📣 I'm gonna work in theme's ♥️ They are really awesome 💯 I like them 🔆 Keep away from each message in that theme stuff please! 🌀 Place simply other stuff ❣ This theme is Christmas ! 🎄 Merry Christmas Everyone🍃

❁What Do I Mean With Theme's?❁
The theme this time is Christmas 🎄 Here we go places , among other photos in the theme of Christmas ☁️ it may be new pictures. ☃ Or just old ⛄️ You can also edit photos 🔥 But they do not steal from others and please be honest and make them yourself 💫 Hope you have some more info 💕

i wαsn't αctive for like yeαrs!¡
tygsm for 137 members! gonnα be more αctive ♡
u guys should be αctive too :) luv u! dont forget
to tell your friends 'bout this community ♡

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Jaja sooooooo adorables

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Animated Photo

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They look alike

Hiii i'm new in here
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