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Does anyone know when Goodman Games started carrying third party products in its webstore? I know it's been a while, but not exactly sure when it happened.

A (possibly dumb) question about hex crawls.

In other hex crawl games I've seen, skills like "Navigation" and "Wilderness Survival" and maybe even "Tracking" come into play a lot. How does one do that with DCC?

I'm jotting down notes for a skill matrix, kind of like the way that thief skills work. But I figured that before I got too far along that path, I should ask the pros.

Looking for a Game. Anyone?
I would like to play once every week or two during the week online. I cannot commit to being able to leave the house on a regular basis, but if it is a virtual game, I can.

Is anyone else interested? Would someone be willing to run the game? Thoughts?

I was thinking it could be Tuesday or Wednesday starting at around 8:30pm EST (GMT 12:30AM next day, Tuesday =Wednesday, etc) and playing for 3-4 hours.

Does anyone know if there is a list of DCC adventures that indicates the specific Appendix N inspirations for each of them?

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Hey all, I'm looking to either start or join a pop up dcc group. I have a rotating weekly schedule that makes coordinating difficult, but I am determined to make a weekly game work! So, I'm looking for people for online or (even better) in my home town Portland, OR. Timezone UTC - 7.

If there is any interest in a weekly, unset schedule, Judged by me, join this discord server!

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Really big announcement for DCC Lankhmar

Update #51: Announcing DCC Lankhmar #8: The Land of the Eight Cities

Class Option: Halflings and Fleeting Luck (Untested)

Some players have expressed concerns that Halflings get left in the dust at higher levels, outmatched by the other classes’ special abilities. I’m not entirely convinced, but let’s assume this is true. How to address this? This idea came to me this morning and is entirely untested and may break a game. I’m throwing it out there for people to play with.

Backers of DCC Lankhmar will soon have the PDFs of the rules in their hands and some have already played with the Fleeting Luck optional rule. As I expected, Fleeting Luck has begun to be adopted even in non-Lankhmar DCC games. I suspect we’ll see more of this once people have the PDFs to reference. This following optional idea presents a way the Halfling class might benefit from Fleeting Luck in a way the other classes can’t. It consists of two parts.

1) Halflings begin the game with a number of Fleeting Luck points equal to their level instead of just one point like other classes do.

2) Halflings always retains a portion of their current Fleeting Luck whenever circumstances would normally result in the whole party losing their accumulated temporary luck points. Every Halfling has a new class ability called (for playtesting purposes) “Pocketed Luck.” A Halfling has a Pocketed Luck score equal to half her level rounded up (Levels 1-2 have 1 Pocketed Luck, levels 3-4 have 2 Pocketed Luck, etc.). Whenever a natural one is rolled causing the party to lose all their Fleeting Luck, the Halfling retains Fleeting Luck equal to their current total or their Pocketed Luck, whichever is less.

For example, a 3rd level Halfling has accumulated 5 points of Fleeting Luck when a natural 1 is rolled. She discards 3 Fleeting Luck, retaining 2 as this is equal to her Pocketed Luck. In another example, a 5th level Halfling with 1 point of Fleeting Luck wouldn’t lose any on a natural one as he currently has temporary luck--less than his Pocketed Luck of 3. He would not gain 2 more points of Fleeting Luck to bring it equal to his Pocketed Luck ability total, however. Halflings never gain Fleeting Luck when it would otherwise be lost due to die rolls.

Note this is just me thinking about Luck this morning and is not some harbinger of DCC 2nd edition. If it turns out to be useful and/or fun, it might get written up for a Gen Con Program or—he writes, comically—the second DCC Annual though to disseminate it as an optional rule.

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My cold northern heart is melting into a puddle of goo in the summer heat, but this week KitN brings you the cold touch of the Void!
Ahriman, Lord of Death
Ahriman, Lord of Death
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