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17) Keep in mind I'm moderating a community of thousands, so please be conscientious of all these dumb rules and cut me all due slack.

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With some tweaking and fiddling around with the design after playing a session with these new sheets, I've decided that I'm happy enough with how they work now and won't be messing with them for a while.

Which means it is time to release them to the public.

US Legal (8.5 x 14) landscape-format DCC character sheets free for your use from Dyson's Dodecahedron:

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Who here likes deformed Pokey Mans?
Here's an illustration I did for +Noah Stevens' "Monster Trainer". It's a DCC RPG class that will be included in the Class Alphabet +David Coppoletti is putting together.

So I'm running a DCC game and possibly a MCC game at my local shop +Adventures Underground for Free RPG day. Thing is the place falls pretty soundly in the "WTF is DCC?" group. (Mostly pathfinder society folk). So what can I as a long time GM but fairly new Judge do to really WOW the folk at the event? Any suggestions on a truly epic metal infused event I can do in under 3 hours? I'm all ears!

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Someone recently said to me, "well my agility and luck are my only high scores... so much for making a Warrior."

I linked him this video and was like... "Let the deed die roll!"

A lot of new players forget that a deed die in the hands of a bow wielding agility based warrior can be a serious aid to the party.

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Twelve PCs entered "The Portal Under the Stars" and half got to the treasure.
Mandy brought in: Wizowski (DEAD), Beatrice (DEAD), Big Sven a Merchant, and Ohmy! a Squire
Cam brought in: Marcus a dwarven blacksmith, Morris the Mercenarey (burnt to a crisp), Artur the elven forester (chomped dead by a snake), Silas the guild begger has the demonic horn
Wolfy brought in : Winszell with a luck of 5 (he was lucky to make it through the first door then died), Giast a halfling trader his luck of 15 got him through with just one HP from the beginning to the end. Bizard the dwarven miner was downed by a flash of fire. Nzard a dwarven rat-catcher made it to the treasure

I was quite surprised that the dwarfs were not all that treasure hungry, as they did not go for the crystals in the pool. And that it took some time for the group to really get all "glassy eyed" for the sparkling crystals in the pool.
Overall, I had a group of first timers not keen on fighting. All seem a bit scared of loosing their frail adventurers.

I'm discovering that I'm a Judge who likes to see the adventures get to the prize. I'm relaxing, as a first time Judge/DM/GM. Maybe I'm too kind hearted to be killing of PCs to be a Judge. Maybe, I will think more about getting the players down to one PC before being a bit more kind.
I DO need to say that my dice roll pretty low for making hits, so I'll blame my dice for the lack of 0-level funnel kills.

Everyone had a great time. They are teaching me lots. The players cue me as to what they think might come next and I like the suggestions to learn and put place some surprises where the module might not suggest them.

Play to the players! They have more fun that way. It becomes their story, but also they enjoy the game when the Judge throws unexpected things at them. #BrendanLaSalle #GoodmanGames

I mentioned before that I am looking to put together a conversion of dark sun for DCC. I've been making great progress and the help from the group has been awesome.

However, I'm a little stumped for the Druid. I'd like to make a Druid class for Dark Sun DCC but the only Druid class I can find is a very awesome class from the wrathofzombie blog. Again, it is a very cool class, but it isn't quite what I am looking for. That Druid is very focused on animal spirits and wild shapes, which while cool, is not the focus I want. I want more of a "nature" spells focused Druid. I want more of a spellcaster with spells focused on controlling nature, etc... Can anyone recommend such a class to me? Will I have to make my own?

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Judges, vote or comment on this... An NPC is fighting some PCs. Another PC, a thief, wants to roll to hit and backstab. How do you go about it, and are your players okay with your ruling? BTW, do you allow ranged backstabs, and if so, how do you do those? Ranged backstabs into combat?
BTW sorry if newer editions of DCCRAW cover this more explicitly and I didn't notice.

Choice 1 in the vote is the thief can just walk up behind anyone fighting someone else, roll to hit, and slit their throat basically regardless of damage to their quarry thus far in the round.

2 is they actually have to sneak up on the guy in combat before rolling to hit. Maybe they get a bonus/easy DC to sneak since their quarry is distracted?

3 is that those allies of the PC can do something to give the thief an opening to sneak up and roll to hit. Warriors could deed, others could make skill checks...

4 is a combination or allowance of either 2 or 3. Maybe damage dealt so far this round might be taken from a sneak DC by the thief.

5 is a variation where if an NPC is damaged, they are considered to be distracted and a viable target for backstabbing.

All options were given assuming that there is a roll to hit too

BTW, this is just in combat. I'm not asking about general sniping practices for unaware targets.

In my own games, I really want to take each situation the players bring to me on a case by case basis and don't want to get bogged down by rules lawyeredness or make preemptive rulings. But I'd like to compare notes with other judges to see how they do it and what problems they've encountered.
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Thief BSes anyone distracted by combat
Thief has to make a stealthy roll 1st
Fellow PCs can help:deed, skill chk etc
options 2&3 combined
Anyone damaged this round is distracted

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The Tall Man from the Phantasm movies is going to be my next DCC villain. I'm not sure how to do his powers though.

Hey guys.
Is there any Modules that deal with a private wizards residence? Like a manse (a la Dying Earth). My PCs have a Wizard patron who has been sending them on a ton of messed up errands and they are getting annoyed. I think they might try to rob him soon, or at least sneak around his place. They've had a few people offer them deals to rob him.

I'm just not sure where to start, I want it to feel really crazy with magical traps and such. I'm not sure if I can make it interesting enough. 
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