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1) Post about DCC-specific stuff or you won't survive the funnel. If I think something is generic RPG banter or a tool usable with any RPG, I will delete it.

2) If you a new, you are a limited member. I will only approve your posts if you have an avatar (profile image) and a name with roman-characters (alphabet letters) that I can type.

3) This is a privately-run fan community. I never have contact with the company about this community. GG has never tried to tell me how to run this thing, so I alone am to blame for all this junk.

4) If someone posts a book pic from the latest Kickstarter, they win the consumerism medal. Yay. Everyone else gets to leave their pics in the form of comments in the winning post. Shtap flooding the swag category with pics of the same books.

5) Don't use the categories/filters' titles as an excuse to make a trite joke.

6) Also, put your post under the right filter, plz. If you're not selling something, don't put your post in the promotions category, etc. If you can't decide, go with "DCC-specific discussion."

7) Don't fight. Don't cause drama. PM me if you have any issues. My email is claytonian at the gmail.coms if you need it.

8) This is not the place to post about AD&D nostalgia, Metamorphisis Alpha, Judges Guild, or non-DCC products. The general Goodman Games community is to be found at the following link (I can't take responsibility for anyone you'll meet over there):

The Goodman Forums are here:

9) Appendix N is a huge part of DCC and in that context talking about it here is great, but if you just want to post a pic of the latest book you bought, go to the community below:

10) Music at this community only :

11) Group photos together in albums and make only one post per event or whatever. Upload them to a private circle first to make sure they are in focus, not sideways, etc. Talk about your photos; make it an actual session report.

12) If you want to organize Con games through the community (using the IRL category), or report how they went (session reports category), that's fine. Anything else should probably go to the DCC Con Community:

13) If you want advice for running Sailors, click here then use control+f to search for it:

14) Don't make in-jokes that only two people in the community will get as a post. Such is OK in the comments of a post tho. Newbs don't know why you are posting that pic of a bacon wizard.

15) No NSFW imagery/link previews. Warn people if linking to such.

16) If you want to promote a product, here are the rules:
• It has to have DCC-specific rules
• Never promote without the title. Also say if it's coming soon.
• Once it's published, you get one post to tell everyone. Make it count.
• In the case of Kickstarters that have not closed, you can post updates, but please don't do it too often. Letting people know that the Kickstarter is closing soon is a legit reason to post.
• You may post about your product again if it's on sale or a new platform (website or in print), or a stretch goal is met.
• Never post more than once about an upcoming product in 24 hours.
• You will not be posting about rankings on OBS or reviews you got on OBS. Sorry, too crass and too petty.
• In general, don't be crass.
• You get one post per product to ask for artists/writers/editors if you need them, but please consider asking in communities set up for RPG artists and writers to find each other.

17) Keep in mind I'm moderating a community of thousands, so please be conscientious of all these dumb rules and cut me all due slack.

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The intrepid Kublacon play testers for my Mutant Crawl Classics+Paranoia RPG mash-up entitled Stupid, Mutant-Losers Must Be FIRED!!! And I do mean "intrepid" - I was feeling ill, so my Judging was at about a 4-5 on a 10-point scale. :-( The good news: the manuscript is about 90% there, assuming a better performing Judge is seated behind the screen. 4 clones went in and 4 clones came out, but 7 replacement clones had to be decanted along the way. Don't know what that means? Guess you'll just have to come play at Gen Con to find out!

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I don't know if you any of you saw the article about scientists trying to teach neural nets simple tasks but the results of the paint name and color generator are hilarious.
But as I was reading the list I couldn't help but think that they have created the best DCC character name generator ever.

How can you read a list like:
Nungle, Breedly Burf, Burfream, Spolder, Roycoft Briss, and Stunking Sanco and NOT assume these are the best DCC character names you've never used.

"Burple Simp dying I could live with, but not Stanky Bean! No! Stanky Bean was the chosen one! Now my only character to survive the funnel is Turdly. I've been trying to kill him since we set out."

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The Asheville DCCRPG group had it's second successful outing, hitting up a modified Sunken City and being introduced to the wonder that is Sender. Their first mission was to be sent deep into the ancient swamp to help a downtrodden pack of opossumen find a clutch of their wayward younglings who had wandered too close to the dreaded Madazkan's Arena. After a few close calls, the group stumbled into what was looking to be a terrible fight against a horde of chain-wielding skeletons, the majority of which were laid low by the power and majesty of Cletus, the god of moonshine and good ol' boys. Delving deeper in search of the missing youngins, they defeated a mighty catfish, and encountered the tendrils of Malloc in a forgotten shrine. Sacrificing the beloved goat Bjorn, they were able to make it out alive with only Spork the elf agreeing to receive the gifts offered. How will this affect his bond with the King of Elfland is yet to be seen.

Back in Mustertown, our heroes' names were inscribed upon the Roster of Adventuring Companies by Boss Pallantides, calling themselves "Filets for Days" with two opossumen added to fill out their ranks. Sister Aramella, priestess of the Three Fates watches this group carefully as they seem to have a strange chaotic aura in their midst. Also watching are the current leaders on the Roster, "Them Duke Boys" consisting of Beaux the Warrior, Lucasith the Rogue and Da'zay, the powerful sorceress (complete with chainmail short-shorts). Could "Filets for Days" be the ones to unseat the Dukes from their position as greatest adventurers in Mustertown? Only time will tell!

Pictured below: the holy hillbilly hat of Cletus!


Any open DCC games in Portland, OR this week? My wife and I will be there starting tomorrow through Saturday. Would love to join in as players. If there are no open games, I might be convinced to run something.

Also, any suggestions on what to see or do while visiting the city?

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Running a little DCC for Roll20CON2017 on June 25th @6pm CDT (11pm GMT).

It's a re-skin of Sailors on the Starless that has an oceanic theme and runs backwards. Never played Sailors? Come check this version out. Played Sailors? Come satisfy your curiosity to see what's different this time 'round.

Let me know if interested.

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Owl Knight Publishing has joined the OSR Extravaganza fray on DTRPG! Sky ov Crimson Flame is currently 20% off!

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I finally played in my first game of DCC RPG this weekend. I had a blast! 

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How do you guys keep chases in DCC simple, yet fun and engaging? I'm familiar with the way several systems do chase rules, but I've yet to find a way that is fun both narratively and mechanically. Asking for a friend.

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The One Who Watches From Below at Gamer's Armory today. Spoilers follow

Several level 0s and some level 1s successfully destroyed the underground complex of The One Who Watches From Below after pilfering a small amount of treasure. One Dwarf was turned into just a pair of eyes, which helped us navigate the complex dungeon through blinking as answer to our questions. We successfully transformed her eyes back using a ritual performed by two wizards later in the dungeon.

Reading a dark word, the name of some kind of demon (maybe the giant worm at the bottom of the dungeon) actually shook the dungeon complex, so we were sure not to utter it again.

For me the highlights were +Kyle Thorson critting with the Chaos Lord's flail and my wizard rolling mercurial magic and getting phased out of existence for 7 turns after every Magic Missile. +jake jorgensen is an excellent GM!!

Next up for us is Free RPG Day. We'll have two sessions, morning and afternoon, with a level 0 in the morning and a level 1 adventure in the afternoon.
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