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Hey, just started an FTB Multiplayer series. Go check it out!

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Started watching Direwolf20's Let's Play Season 6 today.  Very helpful if you are just starting out with FTB for Minecraft 1.6.4!

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Woohoo!  FTB Horizons is available!

Been playing Thaumcraft 4 for a bit, and they release this while I wan't looking.  It has Thaumcraft 4 included as well. 

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Some updates on the pagoda, grew a greatwood tree in the front, added some electric engines and solar power.  Thinking about putting Nitor more places.
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A few screenshots using the Sphax PureBDCraft texturepack w/ FTB Unleashed mod
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Been playing on FTB-Pros lately:

Come visit me at:
x: -1906
z: 1452

Handle:  unconfused

Can someone give me a tutorial on what you should first do in ftb unleashed. Like what you should do up to advanced stuff? Greatly appreciated

Does anyone want to join me in a ftb unleashed server? Im a noob in ftb and know little about it

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Nothing wrong with this morning wood in #Minecraft!
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