soon we will rise and erase mlp we must buy all the mlp toys AND BURN THEM then we need to buy all the mlp videos and BURN THEM then they will run out of toys and videos then after that we need to go to the house of the person who made mlp and BUR nvm we must get rid of him then we need to make the mlp fandom be hated so much that they will all leave mlp then ON TO DEVAINT ART and we need to make the mlp pictures on devaint art be hated alot then we must dance and eat cake but first we need to check if the CAKE IS A LIE! then after we do that we will have a anti brony party then we need to some how get rid of the brony stuff on tf2 then we need to get rid of the brony cons then we need to kill every last brony i mean pony then we will rise and then when the mlp fans are gone we will move on to fnaf then undertale then next THE WORLD´╗┐
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