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spelled arctic wrong

Welcome to AHOW RP. You must join as a nation on the map. Year: ????, Storyline: The Year is unknown. Some time ago, Nukes went off around the world in a conflict only known as the "American Defense War". Now, The Radiation has finally subsided and people are starting to emerge from their bunkers. Can you set up an Empire to conquer the now destroyed world?


Nation format:

Type of Government:


Leader name:


Active Military:

Reserve Military:

Area you're in:

History (Optional):

Flag (image):
Map of Owned Land


1) You may invade 1 nation per turn
2) 1 turn - 24 hours, 1 turn = 1 year. A new turn begins at 5:00PM/17:00 EST.
3) Let us know when you go offline.
4) Do not attack an offline nation
5) Mods will occasionally play as the AI
7) Mods will make sure one v one Player wars are fair.
8) Use a Causus Beli or CB for wars
9) Each country only gets 4 player allies and one AI ally.
10) Events will be orchestrated by staff.
11) Each nation can start with an limited amount of land. I (Romeball) will decide if you take too much)
12) You take another 35,000 per day, make sure there is a map of your new land each time you expand


Terrain attributes (If you live there):

1) Jungle
Attributes: Best Guerrilla Warfare, More Manpower, Bad Technology, High Attrition, & Average Economy

2) Subtropical Jungle/Forest
Attributes: Good Guerrilla Warfare, Highest Manpower, Worst Technology, High Attrition, & Good Economy

3) Forest
Attributes: Average Guerrilla Warfare, Average Manpower, Best Technology, Lowest Attrition, & Best Economy

4) Grassland/Savana
Attributes: Worst Guerrilla Warfare, Low Manpower, Bad Technology, Low Attrition, & Low Economy

5) Desert
Attributes: Best Guerrilla Warfare, Lowest Manpower, Worst Technology, Highest Attrition, & Bad Economy

6) Taiga
Attributes: Bad Guerrilla Warfare, Low Manpower, Average Technology, High Attrition, & Average Economy

7) Unpassable
Attributes: Unpassable & Uninhabitable

8) Arctic/Ice
Attributes: Bad Guerrilla Warfare, Lowest Manpower, Bad Technology, Highest Attrition, & Lowest Economy

9) Mountains
Attributes: Best Guerrilla Warfare, Lowest Manpower, Best Technology, Highest Attrition, & Best Economy

10) Ocean
Attributes: It's Ocean, what do you think?


Rules WILL be tweaked in the future.



Anyone want to join me against Finland free land!

Guys why we can let's invade Finland cause he left and he's getting annoying (no offence)

Should we say that if your a country already you can't roleplay as a rebellion wanting independence (like what Finland did) , cause he could just play as a rebellion in all of our countries. But you are allowed to play as an rebellion if you switch who u play as

We should kick Finland? Agree?

We have a rival alliance that includes Russia,Germany and China

Should I say that NATO has captured all of France yet, or is that too short of time

I am going to war with Germany who is with me

Ok now that I'm online... The people in NATO who haven't join the war should we do a surprise attack on Germany and France, at the same time the USA does the same, because Russia is offline now
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