I can't even install this. This has been a total nightmare. What am I doing wrong? The instructions are so broken on the github website, I think i've just confused my self so bad it's beyond repair.

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Hi All, i need help with a problem i am getting on the front login page i can load a service or a provider, i tried reinstalling the app also made sure that my DB did not change with no luck please can someone help me out. see image below it just gives a blue line. Thanks.

installation was went successfully and we can book appointments also. but it taking around 1 minute to load the first page can anybody help me to solve the performance problem.

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Hi guys,
I'm trying to install Easy!Appointment but it's not that easy :)
I've made the settings in config.php to: const BASE_URL = 'http://iviitor.ro/fideclick/';
const LANGUAGE = 'english';
also in the installation page I've put the same URL, however... it's not working. I'm on Google Chrome as you can see and I'm using www.romarg.ro as a hosting company.
Can you please advise?
Thank you!
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can anybody help me with this issue how it can be solved

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We have recently installed Easy Appointments but are getting errors when switching navigation when using the application. These are as below. The position number varies depending on where navigating when the error was triggered. I have also noticed that the behavior is different depending on which browser is used (Chrome or ie). I have also been unable to create an appointment using a POST (although GET work fines) and continually see a 500 (Internal Server Error). I don't know if this is related?

Does anyone have any similar experience or ideas?
Appreciate any help



What files do I need to edit in order to change the reference to a provider in the URL to a guid rather than just a number? I don't want people viewing calendars of other people just by iterating the provider id.

Hi guys,
I'm beginner in php and web developing so I really need help.
I want to know what are hardware requirements and device interface will I need to start work .
I need approximate answers please.
thank you

Have problem with installing v1.2.0
I permanently receive ERROR 500

checked rewrite module which is on
as v1.1.0 works fine I assume everything else should be ok with my server

Thanks for this work..my question is how to hide other customers from a specific service provider login dashboard?I mean a service provider should see that customer on their login who have booked appointment to their service only..In the present scenario, any service provider can see all the customer after logging from their service provider account.
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