I feel in the run up to Christmas, we may be having the same problem. As we attempt to change working hours, just for 2 weeks perhaps where we'd like to offer our services for just 1 day extra; i've had to change the whole business hours and then ended up creating lots of unavailable periods just for the sake of a few extra days opening than usual.
I did try creating an "unavailable" period and changing the "is_unavailable" field to 0 however this caused an error.
Alex / E!A team, can we make it easier to change business hours just for two weeks so we don't have to amend all the hours of the booking scheme and add lots of unavailable periods. Can we have the same functionality of the "Unavailable" button but reverse it and make "non working" periods available to book?


Can i know i can add additional location and search by location???

Is it possible to make a multiplebooking? Or at least decide how many hours should the service last? I mean on the front-end side. That way the client has to decide when to start the service and how long should it last.

I know this problem has been asked nearly 1,5 years ago, but to think there's no solution for it, seems weird to me.

Hi. I try change the php.ini but i had a problem, with the correct time.
When sync with google calendar the events get another time 7 hours before.
Who can help me?

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Hi guys, does any one try to use it with an ssl connection ?
I changed http:// to https:// on config.php, backend works fine but frontend doens't work

What a nightmare of a piece of software to install. The file permissions are all over the place, you can't even tell what's not working. No clear instructions to get the installer to come up in a browser so the DB can be set. I am not spending any more time on it. Clearly designed to confuse you so you have to ask for technical help....... for obvious reasons. That makes this a bit of a scam in my book.

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Dear Team,
From today on wards our appointment system is showing blank page please help me to fix the error
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Hi guys, Anyone know how to set it so that once an appointment time has been confirmed for any type of service, that timeslot is unable to be selected by any other service?
Kind regards,

Is there a way to add pay options to services that are booked like a checkout or something?

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Any suggestions on how to resolve a spinning graphic on the install screen? Running this on Linux, with NGINX, MySQL (on a remote box), and PHP5.

Is there a gitter.im chatroom for this project?
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