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Name: Thomas MacNeil

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Occupation: Ex soldier, former pro hunter

Personality: calm and level headed, analytical and tactical. Strong sense of will and camaraderie. Protective and loyal.

Weapons of choice: Compound hunting bow, Dragonouv SVD sniper rifle, Mosberg .500 sawed off, silenced 1911 .45 handgun, Tanto Knife, Machete

Skills: Traking, hunting, silent movement, archery, marksmanship, advanced survival training, forestry and herbology.

Bio: he had retired from the military a year before the outbreak after taking a fatal injury and recovering fully a few months after; he was out hunting when the outbreak started, he made his way from his cabin in the woods to the city to try and make contact with any survivors, mainly his former spec op unit**
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it had been almost 3 weeks since Thomas was attacked by those walkers on his hunting trip, he was in the center of town, finding what supplies he could, he saw a somewhat fortified school complex down the street and thought it would be a good place to hold up when it got dark, he hopped the wall and made his way inside the main building, unaware he would find not only walkers, but survivors as well, he turned the hall and saw a teenage looking girl taking on a small group of zeds, he raised his rifle and started to pick them off one by one
((Quite a few of the characters seem to be girls I this anime so I figured I'd probably bump into one of them, this is an open rp, please ask before rping and try to be descriptive, no text talk or one word liners 

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Name: Scar
Weapon: katana
Bio: how did this happen what went wrong even thought my hand is on fire i dont care i lost feeling in it
Personalty: calm
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(open dont ask)
Scar is on the roof of a school stomping on a zombies head shouting die

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Name: Miya sora

age: 16

Sex: Female

Bio: It was just a normal day. She was reading one of her books for about the millionth time. Then she heard screaming. The principle came on the intercom and said that everyone need to evacuate. She ran to the janitors closest to try and find a weapon. She found a sword in the closet. After that she ran into the hall and found one of here friends. Her friend which was now a zombie jumped at her, and with one slice her friend was dead. In about 2 days she made it to an army base. She found a raging bull right outside of the gate to the base. Now she is just trying to find a group to survive. She had training from her dad on how to use sword but never was tough how to use a gun.

year: year 2

Personality: weird, depressed kind

Weapon: raging bull gun and a falchion sword 
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((Open rp don't ask)) Miya is running through the halls of the school... She has her falchion and is slicing through there skulls. She flips over one of them and they grab ahold of here. "HELP" she screams
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Name: Satsuki saburo
age: 15
Sex: male
Bio: Everything was really normal to me and I didnt like being in a group cause im a loner in my school but it was at my period 5th class where i saw someone limping but i just thought it was a student hurt till he bit down on one of the students and everyone lost their minds but i had to get away from the situation till i realised i was too late to escape the i had no choice but to join a group in order to survive this zombie outbreak
year: 2nd
Personality: Quiet, confident, bright
Weapon: knife and a katana

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