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The wonderful country in The World.If you consider the environment with others factors for rank a country,I think #Australia must take place the number one position.

The champion's of The Earth will be Australia.

Thanks to all.
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Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling.
Merry Christmas to All.

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In Melbourne, looking for a new way to get fit. Open day September 12 Bayswater in Melbourne, martial arts
Hey to the 10000 plus people of the best city in Australia.

Are you interested in joining a world class martial art club? One that had a free opening day on 12th September?
Choose what you would like;
MUAY Thai Kick boxing
BJJ (Brazilian ju jitzu)
Shotokan Karate
Kids classes?
I have trained there & it is a top Club.

Some believe martial arts is about fighting. Its more than that. This centre taught me humility, its like a family, it teaches the right behavior. Not to go out and start fights.

It teaches the best quality in all forms of the above arts. Never walk down the streets not feeling confident again.
Having those skills is something you use as a last resort. If you use your communication to always get out of a confrontation, if that doesn't work, you use your defence.
Only if you are forced into attack, you will be confident this place teaches world class defence & attack along with the behaviours and humility required to use it responsibility.
I Jason, trained here, from Jan 26th till the end of July, click the Link below, give them a call & reserve your place. Just tell them which you wish to learn. They have scheduled free beginner trials especially for all the above listed.
They even have woman's only classes.
Tell them Jason recommended you through this post. Im working elsewhere now so I'm still with team XFC at another campus.
Without anything in return I just call the whole XFC, family, be part of the XFC community. Keep Sat. 12 Sept free & call them now b4 they book out.

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Remember the ad?

would you like full cream, lite milk, rev, soy homogenised, creamed, unpasteurised, condensed or teat direct?
Sugar, honey, sugarine, sugarella?
White, brown or raw?
OK, on your back

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Contact us for professional tile and grout cleaning Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast.

The importance of professional #TileCleaning and some DIY tips ➡ 

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Where we #love is #home - home that our feet may leave, but not our #hearts.
#youplumbing #Australia
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