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Have you heard about Damsels in Success? 

If you haven’t yet, then you soon will do. Damsels in Success is a phenomena that is sweeping the nation (there will be 15 groups by the end of June) & I am very proud to be bringing it to St Albans.
I’d love you to join me at the launch of my Damsels in Success, St Albans. So please take this as your personal invitation.  You’ll need to RSVP pretty quickly as my guest list is both exclusive and limited. 

At Damsels in Success we help women to ‘Have it All & Have it now” by providing a nurturing community & enlightening education & resources.  It’s a great opportunity for all women who wants to ‘Live the Dream’ and not settle for an ordinary life – Damsels in Success is about giving you the support & the tools to help you to do that. 

Let me tell you more about the launch & most importantly why you would want to come. 

- we will be welcoming women from all over St Albans.  It will be the place to see & be seen! 
- we be sharing with you strategies to help you to Live YOUR Dream. 
- we will help you get clear on exactly what you want & how to get it. 
- we will show you how much more you can achieve with the support of those that ‘get it’ & ‘get you’ 
- we will be inviting you to share in the magic of Damsels in Success on an ongoing basis and join as a member (there is absolutely no obligation to do so) 
- we will show you how many more possibilities are open to you. 

I know you’ll want to be there so book your place now at
You can also have a look around the website and find out more about our community of ‘Women Inspiring Women’.
Of course if you have any questions please let me know?  I look forward to seeing you at the launch of Damsels in Success St Albans (if not before). 

Here’s to our ‘Success without the Struggle’

With Love,

Sharon Axcell
Phone: 07808 078395
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