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Name: Julie
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Neko Fox
Personality: Very shy, can be fun
Likes: Writing, drawing, going on walks, reading books a lot.
Dislikes: bullies and cheaters
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110
Bio: I am a Little sometimes. I have scars from cutting because my past was very hard and I got hurt badly. I am shy and normally I have a book in my hand. I am a Neko fox but I try really hard to cover it up by hiding my ears and tail. I go out into the woods to get away from people. I ran away from home because my dad and brother hurt me so I hide from them but still go to school.

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Quotes: "The Darkness Slowly Descends..." or "Why should I apologize for the monster I became? Nobody ever apologized for making me into one..."
Name: Tala Keerian
Nickname: Tala the Guardian
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Likes: Knives, Darkness, Being Alone, Getting Into Fights, Singing
Dislikes: Pink or Any Bright Colors, Being Interrupted
Bio: Find Out In Rp
Skills: Speed, Agility, Controlling Powers, Fighting
Powers: Can Summon Weapons Out Of Nowhere, Shapeshifting, (Maybe A Few Later)
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Name: Kat
Gender: Female
Age: Depends on role play
Likes: Animals, making new friends
Dislikes: Mean people
That's all I have for now.

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Name: Margo Delray
Nickname: Mars
Personality: Shy, quiet, nerdy, quirky, weird.
Parents: Doesn't know she was given up for adoption
Siblings: Has none
Likes: Books, Candy, Art, Pastel Purple, Dog puns
Dislikes: Bossy people, Annoying people, sushi, horror movies
Quote: "Leave this world knowing you made a difference"
Weight: 115
Height: 5'2
Bio: Margo is a big nerd with a big heart. All she want is to the change the world and make a difference. She helps the smaller kids in the orphanage but most of the time stays in her room. She always is a sweet tooth who loves all animals. She really doesn't go outside so has very pale skin. She always loves anything with the color pastel purple. She might be shy at first but once you get to know her, her true colors will come out.

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▪Name》Yui Okotte/Rose Gal 《 (me)
▪Nickname》Rin or Riri《
▪Age Appearance》16《
▪Appearance》Blonde hair and brown (sometimes gold or red) eyes《
▪Personality》Stubborn, Sarcastic, Insane, immature, and funny《
▪Likes》Tea, Teasing people, Anime/Manga, Horror, Insanity, Horses(Horse riding is amazing), Art, Music, having fun《
▪Dislikes》bullies, people that put me down, haters, anyone who calls things "cancerous", Valley Girls, fan girls《

Well I'm new and to know me better, here is my profile!

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Name: Kaitlyn Zarnick
Age: 13
Like: Undertale, reading, swimming, and roleplay

My Oc is named Kat and she's actually my Undertale Oc. (Picture is made by +Anaja King​)

Does it have to be an anime Oc? I can't find a category for questions.

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"Stop looking at me"

Name:Daichi Lunar
Likes:Girls,good hugs,pulling pranks,comic books,killing people for fun
Dislikes:Hentai,My family,Bullies,Mean popular girls
Bio:Daichi was bullied as a kid he ran away from his family when they abused him alot he found an orphanage and was adopted by some lady He can never stop thinking of the grim reaper he wanted to be him and so he did he fan shift back and forth into his grim reaper form when needee too he somerimes kills people when they are mean to him hw crys about his family alot he loved them even though iy was the father all along
Weapon:Death syche

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Name: Carmen Kawaii Jaeger
Age: 16
Likes: anime, animals, kawaii things, sword fighting, blood, knives, swords, video games, candy, sugar, the night, and singing
Dislikes: Being kidnap, being someone's slave, losing in a fight, evil, the sun light, bugs, and monsters
Powers: Healing people and healing myself and my turn bloodily red and my hair turns black when I kill or fight someone.
Skills: To kill and fight evil people or creatures.
Bio: Unknown
((pic 1: Normal me, pic 2: Psychopathic me))
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