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So, Neo, heres those posters that I updated my used-to-be five-year-old's room with. XD :P Still waiting for the last one to come in.

The Guitar Player sign is right outside my bedroom door, and the Twilight Guitar Tree is above my bed; the rest are spread about the room where I saw fit. ☺️ I'm VERY excited about my 'new' room!

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It's all done! My lastest, long-lasting project, is finally all done!! πŸ˜„ To be completely honest, I got the jitters after completing it... Haven't felt this excited with something in a LONG time...

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We had storms blowing through throughout the day here where I live... I took this outside of a Barnes and Noble storefront when my brother and I were leaving... My first official rainbow panoramic. 😊

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Here is a partial list of current active EF members on Miiverse.

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Oh my goodness, I laughed SO HARD when I watched this! 🀣 Wow, you laughed hard wheb your stomach hurts and you're not making any sound, lol! And now, to do homeschooling!

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It is Saturday morning cartoon time for Sub Wars cadets.

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In the spirit of Efficiency's 3 Year Clanniversary, here is a special presentation film depicting the dramatized account of a Nuclear Submarine story, starring James Earl Jones and others.

I have not seen it, yet I do love the title. Please enjoy.

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