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↳ This means that the community is in a very early stage of development and execution. If you participate in the community during this stage, expect many things to be retconned, voided, and changed until it is properly functional.

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Attention to those that have recently been accepted into the community:

As of now, there is no template yet for characters. That being said, this is intentional. I do not want attempts to roleplay or make characters here yet, but would very much like if you would all take the time to look through what the WIP lore is, and give suggestions, feedback, and more. There is very likely going to be change. Do not expect this to remain the way it is now.

Thank you for your time. You all will be the only ones accepted into the community at this time.

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World Lore {WIP}
Chapter 1: Celestial Journey & Creation [30,000 -- Third Chaos Cycle]
The Old Gods found refuge in the galaxy known as Osiris. From their very hostile environment, The Old Gods were relieved to see an aspect of the universe in which they could inhabit and start anew, as their previous creations in the adjacent galaxy called Χάος (Xaoc.) This adjacent galaxy was feared by the Old Gods, for their original creation became twisted and evil under the power of an unknown Daemon God. When the Celestial Journey was complete and the Old Gods found themselves home to the peace of Osiris, they took upon cultivating a desolate, lifeless planet with their own creations.

The Celestial God known as Anri came upon the desolate planet, and gave it water. This water flooded the planet and removed the dry, stale environment. After Anri came Bael, who used his gift to create life, and made all things natural. Anri and Bael found themselves the creators of a natural environment. From Bael and Anri, Yermen created the spirit needed to propagate humanity. From fire, the spirit of all living things blossomed. And to complete all of the three creations made, the Sun was manifested by Yermen's hands, and light was brought to the world.

Chapter 2: The Watchers [0 -- First Enlightenment Era]
Bael, as the Propagator of all things natural, knew that in order for the aspects of humanity to evolve from their rudimentary, crude ways in which led to them becoming part of Xaoc's evil, he would need a careful design of progression for humanity. From there, he created the Watchers -- a sentient, living series of machinery composed of advanced technology that would provide as a source of advancement for all those worthy to possess their tech. From there, the Watchers created isolated bases that held much of the world's data. Additionally, these bases were highly guarded with several kinds of enemies that would make those who considered adventuring into them think twice. The Watchers harvested the power of the Ringed Planet to terraform and create a massive portion of the landmass under an unnatural design. The landmass was encompassed by a natural, high-density steel wall that held specific regions in different parts of the ring.

This ring was called Axor's Circlet in design, cluing to the mastermind that utilized the Watchers' power to create the ringed region. Inside that ringed region, Bael then spawned many aspects of humanity. Axor, though, was the one Old God that was never heard of again. Today, he is revered as the World Father.

Chapter 3: The Aspects of Humanity [100 -- First Enlightenment Era]
Known formally as The Aspects of Humanity, but informally as Races, these creations were meant to reflect the Old Gods in design, though designed to be inferior and morally just. Through this morally just design, they would not succumb to Xaoc's subtle influence that was emitted on the universe. After the World Father created the Circlet of Axor; or what would give this celestial body's name as The Ringed Planet, many races sprouted within it.

The New Gods
As direct offspring of miscellaneous, lesser known Old Gods and the three most important ones, the New Gods are a lesser form of deities that possessed the responsibility of maintaining the Circlet of Axor's segregated, regional balance. Many of the New Gods are worshiped alongside the Old Gods, but not as reverently. However, unlike the Old Gods, one can see the New Gods in person.

Priscilla of Winter
A goddess known for maintaining the Circlet of Axor's winter region, she possesses the affinity for all things related to Ice. A woman that dons a white robe and oddly enough has soft, youthful features.

Aleim of the Desert
A tanned, masculine god that maintains watch over miles of sand and dry earth. Aleim of the Desert is said to be seen in visages and mirages that travelers of the desert may experience.

Reilok of the Mountains
A burly god that spawned a Celtic religion, Reilok is said to guard every mountain-border that separates many parts of the Circlet of Axor. Reilok's appearance is a large, bearded man donning fur armor and a massive axe that can split mountains.

Gaela of the Forest
A sharp-faced and equally sharp-minded goddess that watches over the forest region of the Circlet of Axor. Gaela is portrayed as a very kind and outgoing goddess, though is not afraid to pass judgement and make calls -- unlike her quiet parallel, Priscilla.

Neiphus of the Ocean
The only New God that does not possess a humanoid form -- Neiphus is a massive sea serpent that speaks to those fortunate enough to come across him. Unlike the many other sea monsters that inhabit his ocean region, Neiphus possesses shimmering colors and a quiet, yet personable manner.

Humankind was meant to be one of the most diverse, yet remain inferior enough to be underneath the New Gods in terms of power and capability. Humankind is very distinct in appearance when compared to the other races, providing a variation to the Circlet of Axor's land. Those that inhabit the desert tend to have more tanned skin, while others that may inhabit the winter region have paler skin. Humankind is responsible for the cultural diffusion among many of the regions and bringing together the other aspects of humanity.

An aspect of humanity that shares somewhat similar appearances to Humankind, Star-Seekers are children of the Constellations above, and are the most well-known interpreters of what they mean. Additionally, Star-Seekers have a natural affinity to predict the future, although it may not always be wholly accurate. Star-Seekers have a distinct appearance of pale skin, but their eyes possess an infinite variety of colors that constantly change. A Star-Seeker's cultural tradition for marriage is to draw blood from each other, and attune their natural Constellations to each other. When a Star-Seeker pairing dies, it is rumored that their spirits are then scattered across the stars.

¤ Children of Xaoc ¤
Although they were once feared for their origin, many of the Children of Xaoc are seen now as unfortunate individuals that seek asylum from their chaotic ancestry. As Xaoc is known to be a terrible galaxy writhing in corruption and sin, the Children of Xaoc have used their natural abilities to help progress the Aspects of Humanity. Created from a fallen meteorite that originated in their home galaxy, the Children of Xaoc have a distinct, reddish, devil-like appearance. They have a love for fire and tend to be very emotionally responsive to their environment.

Kindred of the Wild
The Kindred of the Wild are called such for their beast-like or monster-like appearances. Those that fall under this race often possess a significant number of animal-like traits, which can vary massively. As such, they all gained a uniform name for their race, as it would be overly-complicated otherwise. The Kindred of the Wild are often unpredictable in nature, their personality and appearances rely heavily on the animal or monster they reflect. The variation is so wide that many can see common Kindred such as a wolf-humanoid, or something so rare as a serpent-like humanoid. Kindred can be found commonly in every region as a result of this diversity.

Underfall Natives
Halflings and other human-esque individuals that do not properly belong in any of the other categories are labeled as the Underfall, or Underfell (plural.) These individuals often possess some sort of trait in which they remain somewhat human in appearance, though are offset significantly in height, skin color, or some other reason. Some examples of Underfell could be halflings, elves, orcs, and more. Many of these individuals come from beneath the Circlet of Axor, and founded underground kingdoms among each other.

The Sol are a sun-worshiping race that have an incandescent appearance, with gold-colored, bright skin that makes them look godly in appearance. The Sol take their religion very seriously, and worship the Spiritfire, which is believed to be connected to the same fire that gave the Aspects of Humanity their willpower. Many of the Sol are devoid of emotion and purely reverend, but have build beautiful civilization. Despite their lackluster personality, they are advanced and responsible for some of the fire-bearing technology used today.

Chapter 4: The Great Advance [150 -- First Enlightenment Era]
Fifty years was all it took for the Aspects of Humanity (save for the New Gods) to advance into civilization. While bands of adventurers finally found themselves able to progress beyond the normal sword-and-shield era that was quickly hastened by the provisions of The Watchers, humanity began to discover the necessary technology to make Nanotech, E-Light tech, and more. All of these aspects of technology would help advance humanity further in understanding the world around them, as well as fighting off the growing threat of Daemons that would manifest within the Circlet of Axor sometimes.

All of the races within the Circlet were relatively just and kind, but that soon faded as Xaoc's influence began to spread more throughout the universe. Xaoc began to influence the creations on the Ringed Planet in a negative way, which is what now creates humanity's capacity for evil, chaos, destruction, and more.

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Constellation Lore ✵ {WIP}
Constellations, or birthsigns are given to every single inhabitant of The Ringed Planet. Those that are born under certain constellations will possess an affinity for its respective traits, usually. Constellations by no means determine one's destiny and fate, but most certainly influence it. When one leaves the galaxy that these constellations reside in, they lose their birthright and must bind themselves to another set of stars.

It is thus believed that when the Old Gods came to the Ringed Planet, they had to draw their mark in the sky above and attune themselves to the native stars of the newfound world.


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Technology Lore ❇ {WIP}
Technology has long progressed on the Ringed Planet, where the age of rudimentary weaponry only lasted a mere fifty years, thanks to the Watchers and Old Gods. To further elaborate, there are many kinds of advanced tech that the Aspects of Humanity have adopted for the sake of maintaining power and stability, as well as promoting further advances and learning more of the Circlet of Axor, as well as their own planet.

Nanofiber Technology
Although many parts of Nanofiber are used for a defensive purpose, it has also replaced the traditional full steel or bronze alloy weaponry that was used in a simpler, less advanced time. Nanofibers can be strengthened if layered with a harder metal, which then creates modern-day melee weaponry. Nanofiber technology is often paired with E-light (energy light) tech to create weapons with exceptional qualities.

E-light Technology
Used for the purpose of weaponizing light, E-light tech relies on a series of fixated lenses that use deep-cell batteries to create devastating light. E-light tech has the customization options to possess many kinds of colors, but it is often a traditional aqua-blue in its raw form. E-light technology has not only been used on weaponry, but also on defensive items such as shields.

Sol Technology
Created by the Sol race, this form of technology shares many similar aspects with E-light, save for that instead of using deep-cell batteries, Sol tech uses golden crystals harvested underground, which is a near-infinite source of energy for Sol tech. By extension, the natural color of Sol-technology items is a gold color.

Underfell Technology
A form of tech developed by the Underfell, it is known as Magitech more commonly. This kind of tech is often used to create catalysts and other sorts of magic-technology reliant weaponry. Those that find themselves fancying runes and such may use rune-casters which can be developed using Underfell Technology. Additionally, Underfell Technology harnesses the power of other forms of crystals found in caves, while Sol technology simply uses golden crystals.

Watcher Technology
Although all forms of technology were developed from Watcher Technology, pure Watcher tech is almost unparalleled in design. The weaponization of lasers and plasma to make devastating weaponry, as well as some of the strongest armor in the entire world is all thanks to Watcher tech. Watcher tech is only able to be found in Watcher-related areas, which are considered to be highly dangerous. Watcher technology is not only used to create the epitome of weaponry and gear, but also to monitor the world around the Circlet of Axor, and the Circlet itself.
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