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Is Everyone Around Simply For Your Personal Fulfillment? - Pastor Terrell L

Real new church plant, The Well.  Began formal process Aug. 1st with just 2 Sun. gatherings--pre-launch.  Official launch Spring 2015 tentatively.  Exploring & looking for a coach and hopefully a Learning Community through 3DM.  Anyone have experience with 3DM coaching or learning communities?

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I Can Be Little a Rood about Growth | Pastor Terrell L

Praise report:

While visiting with a Christian neighbor, I told him of my vision to plant a church.  He was excited about this and gave me (unsolicited) over $6000 worth of portable Peavey sound equipment for the new church plant.  It seems that this is getting the cart before the horse since I am just beginning in the effort.  To say the least it was an encouraging confirmation.

In preparing to plant a church I have been trying to determine what the "hook" should be.  In other words, why should a person or a couple want to come to a Bible study led by someone they don't know?  Why should an unsaved person or a couple want to be involved in starting a church?  If a doorhanger is used in getting out the message, what would the "message of appeal" be?  Ideas?

The following is a tentative plan for our church plant endeavor.  Would you guys mind looking at it and giving me your feedback?  Is it good, bad, ugly?    Will it work?  What are the problem areas?  

Since this is a daughter church endeavor I will request that the mother church board of trustees serve as my board until I feel that I can establish internal leadership in the new church plant.  From the time of initial assessment through the establishment of the congregation I would be reporting to them and seeking their counsel.

Since I own a home in xxxx, hope to have a job in the area, and the mother church is located in xxxx, I believe it will make success more plausible if a church plant takes place either in another part of xxxx (population 149,058), or another bordering city.  

The first phase of the plan will be to do demographic studies of each of these locations, and then to do drive-arounds to make visual assessments of the potential in each area.  I will hope to have the mother church pastor’s participation and feedback in this effort.
After at least one area of interest has been determined initial contact will begin.  This may take various forms depending on what we find to be more effective.  

1. We may do door-to-door surveys giving out a vision brochure and asking survey questions concerning needs in the area, personal church affiliation, personal church involvement, level of interest regarding a new church, level of interest regarding being a part of a new church plant, etc.  People from Cornerstone could help us in this effort.

2. We may do a similar telephone survey.  Again, people from Cornerstone could help us in this effort.

3. Other???

The mother church is not large enough to “lend” members to us for the church plant.  Therefore we will be starting from scratch.

When we find a person or family that is interested we will try to begin regular Bible studies with them.  The intent will be to form a cell group.  From the first they will be made aware of the vision for a church plant.  They will be encouraged to bring their friends and relatives to the cell group sessions.  It will be our purpose to not allow a cell group to get any larger than eight people or four families before dividing.  Hopefully we will in time be able to get a number of cell groups started.  As soon as we have more than one cell group going we will plan to have the cell groups meet occasionally for larger group meetings.  This process will continue until we have a large enough group to begin to have regular joint sessions.  Even then, we will continue the small cell group sessions and will endeavor to increase the number of cell groups.  Doing this will necessitate the training of leaders from the beginning.  In time it will be our hope to have cell groups, each with its own leader under our supervision.

When we have a total that is large enough to meet regularly we will probably rent a room in a Community Center, Assisted Living Facility, Motel, Church, School etc. for our services.

I am an associate pastor.  Our church is encouraging my wife and me to plant another church in our area from scratch.  We have never done this before but are interested and willing.  Do any of you have advice, suggestions, step by step instructions :-) etc. that you would share with us?

What are your thoughts on launching a church on Easter Sunday?
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