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Name: ~Mavis Dracula~

Age: ~118~

Gender: ~Female~

Height: ~5'7"~

Hair Color: ~Black~

Eye color: ~Blue~

Nicknames: ~Mavie~

Father: ~Dracula~

Mother: ~Martha~

Siblings (if any): ~none~

From: ~Hotel Transylvania~

Special abilities: ~Shapeshifting~

Childhood info: ~Was very close to her father, and grew up fearing the human world. She grew up knowing she was a vampire, and so she stayed with her father~.

Species: ~Vampire~

Personality: ~Sweet, kind, shy, brave, impulsive, hostile, and beautiful

Weapons: ~none~

Fears: ~Humans~

Desires: ~To see what humans are like~

Likes: ~Being herself~

Dislikes: ~Having her dad tell her what to do~

~Mavis Dracula is the daughter of Dracula and Martha. She was born during a time of war between the human world, and their world. During that time, Martha was killed, and so Dracula decided from that moment on, they would go into hiding, and never show themselves to humans again. After the tragic death of his wife, Dracula build a hotel for monsters. There, monsters could live without being chased down, and he also built it to save his young daughter, Mavis, from the dangers of the real world. Being only a baby, Mavis had no idea what had been going in back then....

Now, as she turns 118, Mavis became more curious about why she had to stay in the hotel. She had lived there all her life, and yet she couldnt leave. She had asked her father multiple times why she couldn't leave, but each time, he'd shake his head and tell her she just couldn't leave. One magical day, a human boy found his way to hotel. He was shocked to discover the hidden monster life, and was immediately amazed. When she saw him, Mavis went to her room to hide. She had been taught that humans were dangerous, but later, she came out, and showed herself.. when the human boy discovered her, he instantly fell in love with the young vampire. Mavis herself felt herself falling for the young boy as well.

Seeing the boy becoming an interest for his daughter, Dracula became angry and made the young boy leave the hotel, only to discover he kept coming back. Soon, Mavis and the young boy were engaged, and Dracula couldn't do a thing. Seeing he'd failed, Dracula disguised the boy into a monster. The boy and Mavis soon gave birth to their first daughter, whom they named Rone Tariq. Finally having a full family., They lived the rest of their lives at the hotel.

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Can I be Mavis?

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I have a question, are we aloud to share other Disney Communities here?

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Name: Hank
Age: Maybe 40-ish?
Gender: Male
Movie: Finding Dory
Personality: Serious, nutty, helpful, good-hearted, funny, solitary, smart, caring, helpful, quirky, loyal, intelligent, sometimes cranky and grumpy.
Weakness: Being touched, Dory asking him too many questions, and talking too much.
Bio: Hank first appears in the film in Dory's tank room in the Marine Life Institute, planning to escape into Quarantine so he can live a life of solitude in Cleveland. To do so, all he needs is a tag, which Dory has. He decides to help Dory find her family as long as she gives her tag in return. Hank later appears in Quarantine and helps Dory, Marlin, and Nemo get to the Blue Tang tank, telling Dory to hurry as the truck leaves in 3 minutes. When Dory starts to hallucinate upon hearing her parents may be dead, Hank finally loses his patience and scoops Dory from the tank, leaving Marlin and Nemo in the tank by accident, only to drop the beaker carrying Dory when a human tries to grab him, sending Dory down a drain and back into the ocean where she finds her parents. In the truck to Cleaveland, Marlin and Nemo spot a fish they think is Dory, only for it to be a camouflaged Hank. He sadly apologizes for losing her as the doors close. Otters and Dory break into the truck, and try to save Marlin and Nemo, only for Becky to appear and carry her bucket with Marlin and Nemo away, leaving Dory in the truck with Hank. Dory asks Hank to come live in the ocean with her; at first, he refuses, but eventually accepts, possibly upon realizing that he'd rather be in the ocean with those he cares about instead of being in a glass box all alone. Hank scares off the truck drivers and drives the truck around towards the ocean, only for it to fall off a cliff into the water, freeing all of the fish. At the end of the film, Hank becomes Mr. Ray's substitute while the latter joins the stingray migration. Hank says that if Mr. Ray is smart, he would stay away from the class as long as possible, implying that he likes his new position.
Abilities: He can camouflage and he inks when is touched.
Looks: See below:
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Hank is on a rock returning from camouflaging because apparently Dory has forgotten where Nemo and Marlin are at.

It really has been forever (it seems like) since I've last rped here.
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