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i want to sale Unopened Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

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Cyber Monday is the best time of year to snap up some sports earphones. Beats, Audio-Technica, Monster and Sennheiser have all dropped the prices on their sports models. #CyberMonday
Keep that blood pumping with a selection of sports earphones that could enhance your running performance. Since it's Cyber Monday, there are some great savings on wired and wireless earphones that should not be missed! #SportsEarphones #CyberMonday #Running

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Initial Thoughts: I recently picked up my first pair of CEP Compression Socks.  I’ve been eye-balling these socks for a number of months, but was on the fence.  In my research I found that, depending on the person, they either preferred to wear them all…

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Smelly shoes? Here's a few tips on how to get those shoes washed!


Question for the group. I recently bought some gear for running in the winter months. Conditions get down in the below 20F. I looked at and passed on running tights. Are those usually warmer than running pants? If not, what is the purpose of the running tights?

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Who knew Lulu Lemon made sports wear for MEN.  I really thought they just made Yoga attire exclusively for females, but I found out they have an entire lineup for men too.  Not bad!  I tested one of their crazy expensive shirts. Comfy as heck.  More photos attached.  

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I've just finished this draft and love to have some feedback! We've selected 8 shoes with awesome ventilation in which you can run sockless!

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Interesting question - Where do you go to buy your running clothes and gear?

#running   #runchat  
Rest day today so I will ask a Wonder Wednesday question. Where do you go to buy your running clothes and running gear from?

My clothes I get, when training, from Target and a discount store. On race day I get from Puma Outlet Store. For running gear I try to find sales online, especially shoes so I can buy two pairs. 

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Better late than never (that's me passing the latest post on) :}
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