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A story from my youth ..

In the winter of 1996 I trained myself very hard and I had a huge progress. I had a few competitions in the winter season, but not very important and I didn't pushed myself too much.
I had a colleague who used to be just a bit behind me in competitions, for about 2 years.

In that winter he started to train somewhere else and I had to train alone in a nearby forest. He was training with me sometimes, but not as much as before.
Then in March 1996 I broke my left arm. Pretty badly and required surgery and weeks of hospitalization.
After 6 weeks I started to train with my arm in plaster.
My colleague told me that I'm done and I'll never catch him from behind. He was a bit mean, but without intention.

At 2 months after that I still had my arm in plaster and there was a 10k race.
The coach didn't want me to compete and neither to take me to that trip, so I paid everything and went on my own.
After 3-4 km I've been disqualified when the chief referee noticed that I have my arm in plaster.
Obviously was against the rules to compete like that.

Time passed and my arm healed nicely. I've recovered up to some level, but my races were pretty lame. I begun to believe that I'll never catch my colleague from behind and all I wanted now was just to have a race where to give everything.

From September 1996 to February 1997 I didn't had any race and focused on training, all alone.
Then, in February 1997 we had 5k indoor national championship competition.
My coach put me in the second series of the race, because he thought I'm very slow.

All the other colleagues completed the race in the first series and then my "old vehicles" series started.
The lap had 180 meters, so we had 27 laps to run.
After 3 laps I was the last.
After another 6 laps I was the first.
Except that a guy stuck behind me closely.
14 more laps he stood there like a needle.
With 4 laps to go, I've speed up a bit to test him.
He came after me and even went ahead of me.
I realized that he can't keep it very long like that and minded my own business.
2 laps before the finish he looked back and saw me at 15-20 meters behind and he realized too that he's not going to keep it long like that and waited for me and again he placed himself behind me.
The crowds started to encourage me mostly because they knew me better.
In the last 100 meters we both sprinted, but he was faster. He won the series, but it didn't matter to me.
It was a hell of a race and I gave every bit of me, from tactics to energy.
As for performance, I've finished 5th overall, beating all my colleagues except one, who took the gold medal. The colleague who said that I'm not going to catch him anymore finished 7th and after the race congratulated me.

This was probably the most beautiful race I had.
Thank you for reading☺
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Thank you for sharing this, very inspiring!
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SY Evans

Racing  - 
On Saturday, I ran in the Get to the Green 10K.  This event is known as the largest road race in the Midlands and is part of the St. Pat's Festival held in Five Points of Columbia, SC.  This event ...
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I missed a PR by 23 seconds. But this was hillier than the Mohawk Hudson Half in which I PR'd. My sister gave me 3 signs she was watching me during this race. She was a pilot. She helped me fly. 1:54:52
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Congratulations +Kathleen Johnson​, great run and what an awesome way to make your run memorable. 
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After running in a very chilly race yesterday, I wanted to share some tips I learned through my research and experience. Would love to hear your thoughts as well! #running #runningtips #run  
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My first medal!!!
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Thats a great medal too. Well done!
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How far in advance do you plan your races?

I've drawn up a spreadsheet of races for the next year. Races I've entered before and want to run again (and get a PB) and some that I've never done. Entry for most of these aren't open yet.
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Most races have early bird registration prices that increase in increments leading up to race day. I normally register as soon as they open - especially the very popular ones.
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Great race this morning!!! Arizona is beautiful! Unofficial 5k result 25:53 - almost PR when I was supposed to be taking it easy. Oops!!
Also got to meet Ryan Hall!!!
#RnRAZ #5k #Arizona #Delaware
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+Jon Tate he is super nice!
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This is how we run in Poland :) running competition in Cracov,  last event took place on 10th of January.There are two distances - for 6 or for 12 kilometers, Enjoy :)
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Started the 2015 season yesterday in Kuala Lumpur with the hilly 12km MPIB run. Conservative strategy (due to unknown course) and time of 00:53:45 was a good early season fitness test. Hopefully they will post the official results soon. #run #running #KualaLumpur #KL #MPIBrun2015 
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speedy! 👍
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Another quality medal received today at the Leyland Boxing Day 10K. Time: 40:15, so pleased with the time. Would have been better if I got sub 40 :-)
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Luv that medal!
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My medal from today's half 
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Thanks! I had fun running that race :)
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Have some lofty #running  goals for 2015? Find a race to keep yourself sharp and focused!
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Last year, my goal was to run 3 half-marathons in 3 months (4 total for the year). I did it. This year, now that my initial goal of running a full marathon is done, my ‪#‎running‬ goal is to get faster at the 10K distance. My best 10K so far is 44:16. Will I be able to do a 10K in less than 43:30 and hit a 7 minute pace? I'm going to try!
Vincent Collogan Results at
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 Getting back into shape... not bad, but could do better
Length: 1 Mile Approx.
Time: 5:47
Speed: 16.27 Km/Hr
Calories: 76
Temperature: 86 Degrees
#running #trackandfield #nike #hawaii  
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Ran my first ultramarathon last weekend. Thought I'd write about a pretty remarkable experience.
January 31st, 2015, I took on my biggest fitness challenge to date: The Skydive Ultra. The Skydive Ultra is an ultramarathon, with a huge twist: prior to starting your run, you have the option and are encouraged to jump out o...
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Yes, I had a headlamp for the dark, +Ken Ludt 
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In just over 2 hours, I will begin my first half-marathon, the Hypothermic Half. The weather behaving at -9C (15F) with a windchill at -15c (5F). I'm still struggling with tight adductors. I'm determined to finish. It may not be pretty but I'll do it. 
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Good luck. 
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Really happy with my cross country race today. Manage to keep a good steady pace for the first 4miles and gave a nice kick for the last mile
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On my way to Phoenix, AZ for the Rock n Roll weekend. Using the 5k as a shakeout on Saturday and hoping to PR the half on Sunday. #rnraz #runrocknroll 
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I'm maybe not seeing this correctly, but there appears to be a sizable hole in the aircraft. 
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Intro: The MPIB Run 2015 was contested on Sunday 11th January 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, more specifically the start and finish line were located in Padang Merbok, just outside the city centre, and the run course itself meandered ...
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Live Life with Passion, Run with Heart and Cherish Every Step Because we never know when it will be our last.
laying in bed it was quite and warm, in the background lingered a faint ringing in my ears, layered a top pings from filaments of the baseboard heater, heating up.  At that point, I realized that I hadn't written anything asi...
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