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Vuelve el #RWRunXmas de Runners.
Nosotros vamos a realizarlo y nos gustaría contar con vosotros en este reto.
Cada día publicáremos nuestros kilómetros y nos gustaría que en comentarios nos contárais los vuestros, de esta manera no estarás sólo en el reto y entre todos nos ayudaremos a conseguirlo.
Hay que terminar de disfrutar este puente y a partir de mañana toca sumar kilómetros para el #RWRunXmas

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Day 2/50

2.75 miles of running on a gr8 trail
.25 rest/walk

Day 1/50(sry I forgot)
4(400m) track work:):):):)

Btw listened to "the chase" on spotify running playlist and can I just say that it was legit AMAZING!!! It sounded like the Arrow theme music(as if Oliver's abs aren't inspiration enough) and also has some nice marching snare, which is much appreciated considering I'm a drummer:) totally recommend it! Have an awesome day and love u guys👊🏃

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Change is good, sometimes...
Is it time we update the background photo for this community? :)
No offense to anyone, it's just that it might be fun to see something new.

Maybe we could have a photo submission contest? Or something along the line. What do you think,?
+Richard Bolt​​
#running #community #photocontest 
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Change the community photo
Keep the community photo
I don't care. SHOW ME the answers!

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Looking for some tips on how to increase speed.  Currently, I embarked on a 50 day plan to improve speed, doing 500m intervals - sprints followed by relaxed run, repeated over 5k.  Any views on intervals?
With 50 days to go until my second Wings For Life World Run, I have embarked on a journey, to improve my running speed and beat last year's 16.7 miles in this race...
The focus will be on 3 aspects:
1. Injury prevention and core strength
2. Exercises to improve strength and speed
3. Running - POSE method and interval training similar to what Emil Zatopek did in his prime!

More about my plans can be found below:
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The First Run & Walk start at the stroke of Midnight.
#running by @chrisstanford

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We showed you why you need to run slower on your easy days. We showed you how to calculate your easy run pace. Now we have created this handy info graphic for you to share (and keep) to remind yourself why you need to run easy! 

Did we miss any reasons? Why do you run faster than you should? #runchat   #runningtips   #longrun   #pacing   #runners  

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For anyone interested in what a New Zealand running athlete is up to!
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Runners knee.
After getting through shin splints and it band pain by switching to chi/evolution running...
Trying to strengthen my knees after getting sore knee after 8km plus runs. So just starting with a few squats after a run and my knees both feel it.
So does one take a break from running to build up tolerance to squats and lunges or just do only 3 lots of 4 squats rather than 3 lots of 10 after my runs?
Ironically the knee pain might be due to not following the 10% rule but I want to do a marathon next year. 
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