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Jenna Hatfield

Marathoners  - 
August in Ohio: Hot, sticky, and hot and sticky. Running 96.2 miles this month showed me I'm coming into my own when it comes to running in the heat.
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bintu nath

General  - 
Which one should I buy? I'm on a low budget.
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Garmin forerunner 15
Garmin forerunner 15 with heart rate
Garmin forerunner 225
Garmin forerunner 620
Any other device (plz mention)
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I have TomTom Cardio. I think its very cheap for what it offer
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Do you prefer active recovery days or full rest days?

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I prefer recovery days but sometimes I need a rest day. 
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Running barefoot  on a wet, muddy field is definetely a therapy which needs a name :)) About 30 Celsius even at 5 p.m, but a very nice run :) 
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Oliver just finished a Runtastic run of 3.55 mi in 33m 05s
Track your runs, rides and other fitness & sports activities with our mobile apps. Stay motivated with your friends, set new records and live a healthier life.
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Gina Dahl

General  - 
Quick 2 miles and some ab work! Happy Monday!
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Nice time, Gina you are a beast 
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Is running downhill hard on your knees?
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Week 2 of training for the Run For The Grapes! I will be linking up with The Fitness Cheerleader for Motivate Me Monday! 
With over a month away from the Run for the Grapes 5 km race, I'm in full swing of training for a faster 5 km. Can I run a sub 25?
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Andrej R

Barefoot / Minimalist  - 
#Wellington #Fivefingers #Running #Dawnpatrol #110forAugust #wecarerun #hashtagoverload

Stiff but steady South-Easter this morning, meaning that ~ 60% of my run had a headwind or weird crosswinds along the coast ...

Ran 23.7Km (14.72 mi)

Totals for August (it is the last day, and I won't go for another run :D):
291.1 Km (188.88 mi)
6208 m elevation gain (20367 ft)

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Midnight run under the Super Moon.  I did pretty well considering the 19 mile run earlier that day.  What a blast. 
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After entertaining 6 10 year old boys this afternoon for my son's birthday, I was able to take a 2 hour nap! Glorious!! 
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Yesterday's great Naseby water race. Training hadn't gone to plan so I opted for the 50km....I had planned to tackle the 100 so a bit disappointed really. I did the 80km last year so this was a step back. In saying that though I ran a 50km pb for this course so pretty pleased with that and came in 5th place overall, so not a bad day really. Little motivational posters all round the course made you smile when times get hard. Hats off to those who ran the 160km... They are a true inspiration and I'd love to have a crack at it.....maybe next year.
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Wow +Christopher Tait​ nice race! PB and 5th place on a 50k is hardly a step back in my mind. You rock!👏😎
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The Wave

My experience with running is that most other runners, almost all dog walkers and hardly any cyclists will acknowledge a friendly greeting from a runner. Pedestrians without dogs will look blankly at you and those with children will tend to apologise. Women on their own will look relieved as you run past if they see you coming but will look terrified if you run quietly up behind them and shout, "Morning," as you run past. Men out on their own in the early hours or late at night without a dog, a shopping bag, and not wearing a uniform are up to no good and I take detours to avoid them. Children look bemused. I mean in general, not just when runners go by. The elderly are by far the most friendly group but put on some speed going by so you aren't drawn into conversation with them. They like to chat.

Are you pro-waving or is it just weird to greet strangers when you're out on a run?
In a column earlier this week, Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal asked: Hey Riders, Runners: Do You Wave?As the headline suggests, the gist of Gay's column is this: There are those who, when cycling or running in public, greet passing cyclists or runners, and those who do not. Gay is pro-wave, and encourages others to be that way too.
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I wave to everyone and I don't worry if anyone waves back
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Jason Horton

Marathoners  - 
I started my marathon training last week after taking it easy for the last 6 months and I thought I'd share my experiences for anyone similarly inclined to run long distances who hasn't yet done so.

Firstly assessing my current state of fitness is what I should have done before beginning training. I've not been doing much running for a while, I've put on a bit of weight, and I've lost some fitness. This is, in fact, why I want to run a marathon. I want to get that fitness level back. I've been running 3 to 5 miles, 3 or 4 times a week. 10 to 15 miles in total. That's where I'm starting out. My marathon is in 16 weeks time.

Monday - Rest day. Cross training and cycling.
Tuesday - 30min Steady Run - 3.2 miles
Wednesday - 9.1 miles run with a slower friend - 96 minutes
Thursday - Rest
Friday - 10 minutes Steady Run, 20 minutes Hard Run, 10 minutes Steady Run - 4.5 miles
Saturday - 30 minutes Steady Run - 3.2 miles
Sunday - 70 minutes Long Run - 7 miles

Total - 30 miles

I've gone from 10-15 miles to 30 miles. This was a mistake and I should have eased into it or spread my workouts around a bit. My Saturday run was horrendous and I really struggled just to keep a steady pace going. The speed work on Friday really took it out of me and I don't think I'd recovered from the 9 miles two days before. Then Sunday was even worse. I was struggling just to finish and my legs felt like I'd been running for twice as long.

This week I rested again on Monday and I'm glad I did. I kept getting cramps in my lower legs, shin and calf muscles, and it felt like my legs wanted to give out on me every third step. I did a 40 minute run this morning without any problems so I looks like I'd just overreached myself. Lesson learnt. That's why I didn't run on Monday and kept off my feet most of Sunday after my bad run.

Week 2's plan

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 40min SR - 4 miles
Wednesday - 8.2 miles Long Run.
Thursday - Speed work - 10min ER, 3 x (5min TR, 2.5min ER) 10min SR - 4 miles
Friday - Cross train. Cycling. Core & stretching.
Saturday - 15min Easy Run, 10min Threshold Run, 5min Easy Run, 10min Hard Run, 15min Easy Run - 6-7 miles
Sunday 10 miles LR

Total - 33 miles

If I'm in pain after tomorrow's long run then I'll switch the speed work to Sunday and cross train on Thursday instead. I don't need two long runs in a week. The point in the first month is to build up the general fitness levels so that the later, longer distances are achievable.

Any tips for early marathon training would be appreciated.
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August was my biggest month of 2015 with 148.6 miles. Finished with a 5 mile mountain run. Bring on September. Hopefully I break the 150 mark. 
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Nice job +Josh MacDuff​!
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Cris Roata

Beginners  - 
NEW! Happy Monday everyone! :D Now off running (at least, I am going) & be happy! :) ‪Episode 3 - Monday Running Motivation: #MRM is finally here. Read more here:

#mondayrunninngmotivation   #cookitfit   #running   #loveit   #stayhappy   #runner   #fitgril   #tipsandtricks  
Happy Monday everyone! How is your running process going on? Have you already started? If not, let me help you with that. That's why I am here in the first place. In case you missed the first two e...
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Jack Brandt

General  - 
Looking for suggestions.

This is almost 10 minutes after my run, and, my eyes are still screaming. It was as bad as I can ever remember it felt like I got maced after turn around and on the way back.

So I'm looking for a skullie, beanie or whatever they are called that can
A. Help keep some of the sweat out of my eyes
B. Offer some uv protection
C. Breathe well enough to let some heat out and not have my scalp feel like you could fry an egg on it.

Thanks for any advice 
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Get the Hoo Rag. It will cure what ails you.
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I've done this run before, it is a great one :) Register now for the 2015 November 14th #Dublin #MoRun !

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Nathan Maharaj

Gear, shoes and tools  - 
Can't wait to take my new +SKORA Running​ shoes (Phase-X model) out for a spin.

(But not tomorrow; today's 12k was rough and I need a rest day.)
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Those are great looking shoes (if we may say so ourselves?) - we look forward to hear what you think! 
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Good morning people. Today I ran Castelli Romani's streets
Peace and love
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Nice job!👍
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