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Join up with this one, it's active now and much better. Takes place 5 years in the future from 2017, so it's 2022 and it's much better so yeah.

finally decided to make one for mikey and jack


Forever Faded Bad, it seems, stays true to their name. The band's breakup, although slightly jarring to fans, was not unexpected by most. With the Grazio twins increasing gap between genres, there was no way for them to work together on full length albums without compromising FFB's trademark style. As they go their separate ways, Jack states that he will continue to produce music, but Mikey doesn't think that the musician path is the road for him.
Last year, Grazio accepted a scholarship for a college in New York, which he has requested stay private. He states that he will still sing, but only as a feature.


Adaline Corner, better known as former Pastel member Coral Bailey, seems to have one foot in the business world and the other in music. Now, it seems, she may be coming back for a round two. Although immersed in her work halfway across the world, Corner has been spotted playing at local coffeeshops and writing intently around the city. With the flux of artists leaving Apple City, will she return to the big apple or seek somewhere new?

I Guess I'll Make An Ending For Shaquon Im This Community_


Shaquon Thomas Also Known As Young Pappy Has Just Announced That He Will Be Leaving AC Records. Rumor Has It That He Will Be Going To Jake Ryders Record Label. Is This True? We Will Be Back With More Commentary.

figured since this community is inactive I'll make an ending for my characters


Following the footsteps of Apple City legend Jake Ryder, James Lynch has announced his leave from AC Records to pursue a career in finances. With this, he has also mentioned that his fiancee, Ebba Starr will be pursuing a solo career, stating that the confines of Apple City did not suit her need for creative space and time. Lynch has also alluded that Ebba wishes to pursue a business venture much like that of Jake Ryder's, and start a record label of her own.

With key players jumping ship, will Apple City sink?


Younger brother to 20 year old Jake Ryder, KC Wake, was just arrested for possession and intent to sell due to an anonymous tip that there was drug use at his apartment complex.
After a drug raid, three pounds of heroin and a half pound of coke was found in his apartment.
After a bail hearing, bail was set at $20,000 for the young star of only 17. When asked, Jake Ryder declined to state if he would bail his brother out.

After a court hearing, KC Wake was tried as an adult and has been sentenced to 18 months in Rikers Island. One year on good behavior.
What might this mean for KC's future career?

As many of you probably heard I am now a free agent die to my contract with apple city being up. I will be in LA if you killers want to meet me



Jake Ryder just made a statement to the press that he is starting his own record label based in Los Angeles, the City of Angels!
In his own words it "will be the best record label for up and coming artists. better platform for their music, more flexible touring, and better pay too". Now we all know a primary reason the still young superstar parted with Apple City Records was due to payment disputes, and touring dates.
He also stated that he will be moving out to LA with his daughter Mia Grace, who will now be spending the summers with him in Los Angeles, and his new girlfriend Rose Kalpton.
Though he will be moving to Los Angeles, he made it clear he would continue to make a presence in New York City because "it's the city that I got started in, and for that it will always have a place near and dear to my heart. But it's time for new and better things."
The young artist claimed that after his next album, he will be "retiring" from music. Whether this will remain true, we have yet to see.
Also, from several sources we have found that Jake purchased a Los Angeles mansion for 20 million dollars, plus recently he bought a limited edition silver Lamborghini Veneno for 5 million dollars. Add that all to the 100 million dollar NYC penthouse he owns with his younger brother and fellow artist KC Wake. PLUS, whatever amount of money it will cost or has cost him to start his label. It's very clear that he is betting a lot on this investment.

Stay tuned to ClevverNews for more information!

Congrats @KingJakeOfficial you deserve it
In other news, I'm retiring. I'm done with the music industry. All I want in life now is just to spend my days with my beautiful wife ViVi and our two kids. I never truly was that big a kingpin in the industry, but I know it's being left in very good hands with Jake the king and KC the prince :)
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