Hi all, Just posted my last contributions to ONL171, after a rather long hiatus. Hope it is not too late :-)

Although I was a bit remiss during the last two weeks because of other duties, I must say that I miss our meetings! They gave me a chance to pause and reflect around a lot of important questions concerned with learning in general and digital collaboration in particular.

Today the sky is grey, and a quiet rain is falling - the first we've had for a long long time, so it is sorely needed. But behind the grey clouds the sun is shining and I wish you all a great summer and I do hope that we can stay in touch!

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Hi, everyone

I have posted my reflections on Topic 4. My blog is titled "Designing for Sustained Online Student Engagement". It can be accessed at https://wordpress.com/post/growinggainssite.wordpress.com/77.

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Hi everyone,
Yesterday I listened to the meeting and started missing all of you already! I feel so lucky that we met and hope we can find ways to collaborate in the future :)

Here is the new version of the poster for topic 5 as promised.


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Hullo all!

The recording for yesterday's meeting (Topic 5 - 3rd Meeting) is ready, & can be found in this folder - https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B2uPPv_ZiHIDYTJKdWN4Z09jcms

The meeting starts at the 10min 45sec mark.

Hope to see most of you at the webinar later. I will also send out a Doodle soon so that we can arrange a post-ONL171 online meeting, around mid- to late May.

Have a good week ahead!

Shin Dee

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Dear all,

Thank you for a good meeting yesterday!
Denise I hope your event went well! We went through your Infographic and we think it look very nice. What we wanted to do was to add some information to each topic about our conclusions for these topics. We tried to do this ourself but it did not work. The texts that we suggest should be included is in the meeting notes from meeting 3. Can you add them?
We also said that we should include a link to e-portfolio with the link https://pathbrite.com/ONL171PBL1/tdHu.

Just forgot, for changes in Inforgraphics and Pathbrite remember the deadline Thursday at 16 CEST. If you cannot make it, let me know! It is not a big problem but it is good to know.

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Hello everyone,
I promised to have our poster ready by tomorrow so here it is :) It was more work than I had imagined. Hopefully you can all view it by clicking on the link. Let me know if you have difficulties and I will try to problem solve. I tried to send a link where you can all edit but not sure if that will work because I have an account....anyway.... I hope everyone has a great day and just a reminder, I have my PhD pilot project launch tomorrow so a big day..will not be able to break away during lunch so I will not be able to attend the meeting tomorrow but will listen in later. Warm greetings to all!

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See you all later! (11am CEST, 5pm SGT - https://zoom.us/j/495380781)

Dear all,

I have added information about Topic 1, how we worked and links to our personal reflective blogs in Pathbrite. If you have any question about the tool please let me know, I found out a bit while doing this... ;)
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