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Rules for asking
-Please only one question per character at a time. We can't have one person asking 20 questions at once. Wait until your question has been answered. 

-No nsfw questions.

-Please don't ask characters that are not cannon. For example: Lapis, how did you get in the mirror? If it has to do with an AU please let the mods know.

-Mods can answer questions anyway. As long as the question has been answered.

List of Mods
+Clock Pone +Fangirl over Everything +Furr nanas +Lee Bidford +Princess Hearts +Pixie Heart Art +Moonlit Song +Lion The Crystal Gem +Sapphire the crystal gem :3 +Tomboy TheCheeto +Melina Rubio7979 

Things for Mods
You all can answer questions. Also you may approve members. If you see an issue than tag me. And if you are to answer a question that comment that you'll answer it.

~ Thanks for Reading B3 ~

I am no longer gonna moderate this community. Would anyone like to take over?

Hey lapis and Steven wanna be friends and will you ever also become friends with jasper

Hey lapis what do you think of peridot's new power do you approve of it or denie it

Steven, is Lapis gonna be alright after you and the Crystal Gems played baseball against the rubies?

She seem bored.

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I just
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Steven,what would you do and the gems do if Peridot's gems cracks?

Steven how do you feel about Peridot

How do you both feel now that Peridot is part of the Crystal Gems?

Lapis can you sing the beginning of Owl City-Fireflies for us? Please?
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