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Hello broskis! Name's Hannah and I'm the founder of this here community! Now, while we are here to have fun with cosplay and be the dankest of Hetamemes there are still rules to follow! Look below!

1. No bullying!!
2. No asking to be an admin! I will choose admins as I see fit.
3. Only Hetalia cosplay content please.
4. No spamming
5. All content must be appopriate.
6. Feel free to swear but don't go crazy. Even if you cosplay a character who swears like crazy(i.e. Romano) don't go nuts with that part of their personality.
7. Don't advertise other communities
8. When introducing yourself if you have pictures place it in the Cosplay category! If you don't post pictures with your introduction, place it under Discussion!

I will come up with more rules as I think of them.

Now if you are an Admin, here are specific rules that you in that position have to follow!

1. Do NOT abuse your power!
2. Follow the rules of this community.
3. If you want make important announcements post that under 'Important Admin Announcements'
4. If you see a post that doesn't follow the group guidelines, report it.
5. If a post was placed int the wrong category tell the member who posted it

Your admins are:
+canadian puffball

If you have any questions please post them in the questions for admins category and an admin will respond as soon I or another one can.

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So Hetalia Day was pretty lit
So Hetalia Day was pretty lit

I have videos but those will come later
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So I’ll be going to Hetalia Day NJ in Fort Mott this Saturday! I’ll try and get lots of pictures for you!
📸- Otis Casey Photography
(I’m the Nyo!France in the middle there)

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I don't know how often people post here, or how often I'll post here, but hello! Despite the name, I typically cosplay Romano or Chibi!Romano! I'll hopefully post stuff when I go to Zenkaicon, for I plan on going every year.
I found a romano cosplaer when I went to SaikouCon!

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Pirate!Spain with a tomato.
Pirate!Spain: I sense an enemy nearby.

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I'm too lazy to make another post because it's late and I'm a sleepy sheepy so I am sharing this from the Hetalia community
I was at Otakon this weekend my dudes. As usual, I am the short af Nyo!France

Cosplayer IG's that I know:
Me- animu_sushi
Nyo!America- hufflepuff_cosplays
Seychelles- fuwafuwaaki
Liechtenstein- alpacamuse
Liechtenstein(flower crown)- kawaii_mage_cosplay

These are just most of my favorites!! I hope you enjoy and please follow us on Insta if you can!!
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Anyone going to Otakon this weekend? I'll be there all three days and there is a Hetalia Meetup on Saturday and I'll be sporting my Nyo!France cosplay

Anyone here going to Otakon next month?

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I have pictures from AnimeNEXT 2017 to share with y'all!! Okay, so my boyfriend and I had just gotten out of autographs and we're heading to the main floor of the convention center when I spotted a Nyo!Germany with a Nyo!Japan, 2p!Nyo!Canada, and a Nyo!America. The Germany saw me and waved. I went to investigate and she asked me if I was there for the Hetalia shoot... I had no idea that this was happening. I told her such and decided to stay for it. It was a lot of fun and I really hope you can enjoy these pictures!!!
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Hi all! ^^

I want do a global nyotalia group if you are intereste you can send me a private publication o hangouts mensage.

You need is:
-Choose a Nyotalia character
-Send me something and I going to pass you the tumblr of the account.
-You need have DeviantArt

Thank you^^
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