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So if you're getting bored of the tagged post, I don't blame you. Well, hooray, I'm going to make a new tagged post about Diary of a sorceress living in the main castle of Jamaa (I know, long title) I'll be doing giveaway at 100 members! Prize won't be revealed until someone wins! (I love the ending of Day 2. Don't you?)

Day 1
Hi! My name is Infinity, and I’m a sorceress. I just came to this castle I live in now, and it’s amazing! Sometimes other kings and queens come visit too, and I entertain them with my magic. I was born a slave to phantoms, and I hated it. I finally got my hands on a spell book ,and now I’m one of the most powerful people in the world. The castle I live in is the main castle of all Jamaa! People come to the castle all the time to ask me to heal them, revive dead family members and friends who left to early, and all other sorts of things. Since I’m invincible, I’m one of the most daring people in Jamaa. People at the castle call me Infin, which is short for Infinity. At night, I like to sneak around the castle peeking into bedrooms making sure everything’s all right, since I don’t need to sleep. One princess, Victory, I’ve gifted the power to use spells, if I let her. Like her name,Victory always wins. Since we’re friends, I call her Vic for short. The king and queen might be leaving tomorrow.

Day 2
The king and queen are leaving!They left Princess Victory in charge. Like her name, Victory always has victory. Everyone but the other princess (since they’re jealous) like her. I’m friends with her because of her fairness. She is very daring in battle, which named her the middle name “Dare”. It’s rumored phantoms will attack the castle. Meh, probably they probably will attack another castle. They haven’t attacked this castle since about. About… 150 years or so ago. Like I said yesterday, I was born a slave to phantoms. One of my relatives were captured in that battle and became a slave to phantoms, and I was born one, too. I soon escaped and took protection under Mira. When the phantoms turned her to stone, I knew I had to leave. I went to live in the Sarepia Forest and it took a while until people found out I had magic, and that’s when I was asked to go to the castle I live in now. (I was found out by Aparri. Go figure) Well, I’ve got to stop writing! Cya!

Day 3
Phantoms have been spotted! Meh, probably just a false alarm. Wait a second… Was that a phantom outside my window? I think I was hallucinating. Whatever. Anyways, if phantoms come, they’ll be gone pronto. Hold on… Was that another? Victory is yelling… She said she saw a phantom! I know this is short, but I have to stop writing because of these “phantoms”! Bye!

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Part II
Chapter 1 (Wistiriamoon)
Aparri looked around a little bit before sittig on the couch. I looked at his eyes that sparring. I sat next to his soft fur.
"Want to watch some tv?" I asked Aparri as he picked up the remote.
"How about survivors?" He asked. I could tell he really wanted me to see it. I have never watched survivors before so I wanted to check it out. Of course Aparri was routing for team Aparri and I was on his team. For the first time in forever. I ended up dosing off.
Chapter 2: (Aparri)
Wistiria slept on my shoulder. I watched the rest of the episode and carried wistiria to her room. She looked so perfect enough for me to just peck. I mean she is asleep and I'm the only one here, no one would know. I gave her a peck on the cheek and picked Bepper up.
"Skorm is pretty likeable," she said "I can see why you guys are friends." From her attitude I felt like she had a great time. It was about 9:30 and we got to our den. I parked my car outside the garage and headed inside quickly so I didn't run into any phantoms. It was the best day of my life.
Chapter 3: (Julian)
Today I was going on vacation so I wanted to say goodbye to Mia before I was going to leave. I drove to Mia's den to see if she was home. The door was unlocked so I walked in.
"Mia?" I yelled quietly if she was still asleep. I came earlier then I was expecting so I made Mia breakfast in bed . I cooked eggs and bacon with toast. I had time so I got oranges and squeezed them. I walked up to Mia's room and noticed it was 10:00. 'Boy, Mia wasn't Kidding when she said she sleeps in' I thought.
"Good Norning Mia" I said to Mia as she slowly got out of bed. She looked startled.
"When the heck did I get here and how are u here?" She said in a worried voice
"Mia what did you do last night?" I asked, I was afraid.
"Me and Aparri were just hanging out. We watched survivors." She said. No not Aparri, what the neck did he do to Mia.
"Are you ok? What happened after that." I said....
BONUS CHAPTER!!!! (Bepper)
Aparri dropped me off at Skorm's house. I was nervous. I am going to have to spend a whole day with this guy.
"Hey Bepper." He said in the sweetest voice.....
"Hi.." I said feeling butterflies in my stomach. We chatted...
"I was thinking of going to the park." He said as he lifted up a picnic basket that wove the words Skepper.
"Oh My Gosh SKEPPER!!! Yes I would love to go to the park with you." I said in excitement. He got a basket just for me. We spent our whole day talking to each other and suddenly his blue eyes began to glimmer in the sunlight and his top hat looked like a ballerina. He put an arm over my shoulder as we watched the sunset shimmer down into the night sky. We packed up and left Aparri came and I kissed Skorm on the cheek and left.
Thank you so much for reading my posts I love doing these things and since you made it to the end of my second half of this 'book' comment what happened and your username for a chance to win a giveaway (don't know the item yet but I'm not TOO rare) also include your username for animal jam, status, reason (will read every comment), and your favorite color (just because) anyway thanks bye!!!!
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Chapter one: (Wistiriamoon)
It was a nice day. I was sitting on the couch watching tv and I heard a knock on the door.
"Hello?" Julian said as he pushed brown mane out of his face.
"Hey Julian what do you want" I said a little annoyed. I looked on my buddy list to see if Aparri was on.
"I was just saying hello" He said as I invite him in. Aparri wasn't on so I couldn't get a fight. Julian sat on the couch with me.
"So what's up Mia. " I took a breath, the truth is I wanted a fight so horrible but what he wants me to say is good.
"I'm smamama." I said as Julian laughed.
Chapter two: (Julian)
Mia can always be funny. I stared into her gorgeous brown eyes. She smiled,
"Well how are you." Mia said. I felt fabulous especially sitting next to Mia.
"I've never been better" I said glaring into her eyes.
"Wanna watch some tv?" Mia asked as she already turned it on to some cartoons.
"I don't have much of a choice" I laughed. Mia fell asleep on the couch and I went to go home. I loved Mia.
Chapter three: (Aparri):
I woke up with Bepper yelling at me.
"Get up sleepyhead!" She said as I looked down at the clock next to my bed, it was 9:00.
"I'm going to be with Skorm if u would like Wistiriamoon asked you to hang out at lunch." Bepper said as she got ready herself.
"Ok. Let me get changd."as I said knowing that Bepper was only using me for a ride. Once I was ready I dropped Bepper off at Skorms house I drove to Wistiria's
House. I knocked on the door as Wistiria come up.
"Hi Aparri" she said, I looked at her nice top hat that matched mine.
"Hey!" I said as she invited me in. This place looked WAY better then my house. It was so beautiful.
"Wow!" I said in astonishment, "How the heck did you do this?"
"Time." She looked around unimpressed.
Enjoyed doing this. #wistparri <--- fan!! #jistiria <--- no offence

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Hello, I'm Pastel, and I'm kind of new here, so here's a fanfic I've been working on. You can sign in through Google if you don't have an account, so please do give it a read! It isn't finished yet, but there are many more chapters to come.

What if We Loved?
Chapter One
Duchess Quietspirit's POV
It was about 8:00 am as I went to Crystal sands with my best friend Prince Strongwolf, we went down slides together and both drank smoothies. But there was a strange feeling, like I felt something else for him... I thought I loved him. He would always hug me and things and his fox hat would fall off and I'd have to put it back on him but... I thought we were just happy wolf friends. We got bored after a while and went to my den. It was only just a small house but he liked it. We both sat on a couch and lay our heads on a mat. We both giggled but then it stopped, he was holding my paw, looking at me with his blue eyes. He then licked my nose blushing just as much as I was, I nuzzled him gently as we fell asleep in my den together.
That was Chapter one say if you want more!

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Hey guys! Please report Bullseye47 for scamming. Or, at least trying to scam. This dude is trying to steal multiple jammers rare items, one of those jammers being me. If you see him and he asks for anything, just say no. I have not given him anything, and I don't think that I will.

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Have you heard about the profile glitches yet? It happened on YouTube and is happening on Google+ now! +Elena Eldra and I are experiencing this glitch. Its really weird! I was wondering if it showed up with me having no followers when you look at my profile also. DONT WORRY! Its not permeant. It will be fixed soon and everything will be back to normal. I suggest not to post any Youtube videos until this bug is fixed.
Remember to have fun, play safe, and jam on!

~AJ Art Studio

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Alright. Here is the first chapter. Please dont forget to comment and 1+ if you like it so far :D

The Window
"Woohoo!" Howled a pink arctic wolf with huge ibex horns and wings. She lept into the air and hit the volley ball over the net.
"Nice job awesome!" Meowed a small blue cat.
"Thanks River." Awesome said.
A silver wolf with a bow and arrow and red markings lept into the air and hit the fast-flying ball. Her name is Spirit. The volley ball hit the net and landed on the sandy ground.
"Aww man." She murmered.
"Another point for us!" Baaed a cute brown goat wearing a top hat.
The goat served the ball.
Awesome's team had won the game in the end. They had all played a really nice game of volley ball! That little goat Fuzzy is not to be underestimated! When Spirit had arrived at her den she flopped down onto the couch. It felt good to rest her tired muscles after a fun game of volley ball with her friends. She closed her eyes and let sleep take her over.
Spirit opened her eyes. Rays of sunshine beamed through her triangular window. She always thought that it was odd for the builder to make it like that, but she liked it. It was different. She got up and stretched. Everything hurt, as usual after a game of volley ball. Nothing that a little exercise cant fix. Also, Spirit enjoyed listening to a little birdsong.
Spirit sat on a stone in the river and listened to the sound of the waterfall. Her secret garden was a beautiful place filled of wonder. She enjoyed writing under the waterfall. She always wanted to be like the alpha wolf Greely. Greely was a mysterious know it all who lived in a volcano. He liked to study the strange creatures in Jamaa. She had also heard tales of a six fingered man just like him.
"Some day." She thought. "Some day, Spirit."
(updates coming soon.)

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Writing a short story or possibly a book about animal jam and gravity falls.
Another picture that will be showing up in my new fan fiction. Its like an Animal Jam Gravity Falls crossover.
The story takes place in a land called Jamaa. Jamaa is a place where animals of all kinds can live in peace and harmony. But where there is great fun there is also grave danger. Our main character is a wolf named Spirit. Spirit feels like she is being watched. She can't sleep at night because of this terrible feeling that she will never wake up from her slumber. Spirit has been having visions. Visions about Jamaa, a black hole, a golden wolf, and a demon. What could this mean? Why are so many strange things happening in Jamaa? You can find out soon! Im still drafting it. I might post what I have so far later. All the GF fans know the triangle guy ;D
Have fun, play safe, and jam on!
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