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Hello, I'm Pastel, and I'm kind of new here, so here's a fanfic I've been working on. You can sign in through Google if you don't have an account, so please do give it a read! It isn't finished yet, but there are many more chapters to come.

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Report this person, pronto, and get him off G+!!!! This community does not take kindly to story theives. I repeat: WE DO NOT TAKE THEM KINDLY
He stole my article about Peck!
If you want proof its mine, +Snickerapu​​​ can confirm it.
report him!

So here's a quick 5 minute story I got the idea for while listening to the song Hall Of Fame. (The song actually somehow corresponds with this)

“I REFUSE TO STOP!” Infinity yelled at the phantom king. “Stop already! Your voice hurts my ears!” The phantom king told her. “Well, I don’t care!” Infinity said as she struggled from her bindings. “Tell us the secret to Jamaa!” The phantom king demanded. “I will never!” Infinity replied. “Take away this pest!” The phantom king told his servants. “Call me a pest, did you? Well, RECONSIDER!” Infinity shrieked as her eyes started glowing. “BECAUSE I AM SORCERESS SAPPHIRE, AND YOU WON’T TAKE OVER JAMAA!” Infinity yelled, and she suddenly broke from her bindings. “Take her away!” The phantom king exclaimed, as Infinity pulled an arrow from her sheath. “IN THE NAME OF MIRA, JAMAA WILL NEVER FALL TO PHANTOMS!” Infinity screamed. “Yes it will! Now it will!” The phantom king said, cackling. “Only the magic of angels can defeat phantoms,” Infinity thought, “And now I’ll use it!” Just that moment, a flash of brilliant, blinding light appeared. “SAY YOUR LAST WORDS, PHANTOMS!” Infinity shrieked. Just after that, they vanished. Infinity smiled and turned her back to the throne. “Jamaa will never be defeated.” She whispered, and vanished.

I hope you enjoy! (I reposted for all you people who don't have time to scroll to the bottom)

“Breaking news! Read all about it!” was being yelled at every twist and turn asInfinity Windypuppy was walking around in Jamaa Township. She took a newspaper, and read the headline. “Hmmm. Interesting” she thought. The next day, she went to the Adventure Headquarters to tell them the news. “Did you hear? It’s been found out where phantoms are from!” She said. “Really?” Liza asked. “Yes! They’re from Aamaj!” “How do you reach it?” Greely asked. “Well, If we travel there, the protection against phantoms who come will be destroyed forever! Only a few phantoms have made it past. Many have perished trying to get here.” Infinity replied. “So how can we keep them from getting here? How can we-” Cosmo said, interrupted by phantoms bursting in! “Hurry! Get some Chomper Plants!” Ifinity said, while she was firing arrows at the phantoms. “Wait! Infinity! You can make chomper plants!” Cosmo shouted. “How? I’m not a witch!” Infinity yelled back. “That amulet! Try to make anything involving phantoms and it will appear! Try it!” Liza yelled, as she was overtaken by phantoms. The phantoms that took her left unnoticed, but the rest of the phantoms were destroyed. After they had cleaned up, Peck noticed Liza was gone. “Where could she be?” Peck asked. “The phantoms took her!” Infinity said. “We must take her back!” Peck and Greely said at the same time. “I agree. But how?” Infinity said. “I think the barrier is broken. We must go and look.” Cosmo said. Turns out, it was! “Hold on! My necklace is speaking in Liza’s voice!” Infinity said. “It must be Liza. She wore one when she was captured. What’s it saying?” Cosmo asked. “Liza, speak louder” Infinity thought. Then, everyone heard what it was saying. It was directions from Liza of how to find her. It was hard, but eventually they found Liza. It was bad timing though. They had been seen! It was a long battle, but they got out and sealed the portal. Now the phantoms were gone from Jamaa, but there would always be a phantom. All the dead phantoms’ spirits floated into the heart of the Mira statue. They will be there, forever.

So uhh... Someone invited me so thank you????
I'm not really a good writer, +Pawpricez the HU Soldier is better than me by 100% (And yes, the freak learned how to tag people XD)
So thank you I guess? I mean I could do cover photos if you where to submit it on wattpad or something but I don't have my computer so I can't really do that and I don't have a tablet or a Apple pen so there is no way I can do it digital and everything so where's the fun in that??

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Wow, I love writing more than anything! Any suggestions on what to write about (YeS iT wIlL bE aJ rElAtEd)?
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A type of diary
Something serious and sad/romantic
An adventure story
A clan type story

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Heyy.. Which idea should I write about? I'm new, btw.
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Animal Jam war story.. Overused but eh
FNIAJ. Five Nights in AJ
Adventure Guild (kinda like pokemon md)
Becoming A Famous Jammer (im not famous)
Animal Warfare (kinda like a fps game)

I am naming this Fabuliss Famousness. I guess this is a chapter one. Comment for more!

My name is Fabuliss. I'm a wolf, and I just began my Animal Jam life. The moment I stepped into the township, I saw a TON of spikes. (It's 2015, may I add?) I opened a wolf's trade list, and quickly closed it, knowing one of those shiny spikes would never be mine. This was going bad already. That's when I noticed the huge crowd around a single horse. Everyone screamed his name, which I figured out was Julian2. The horse sometimes walked a few steps, but usually couldn't get very far before another person jumped in his path asking for an autograph. Julian2 sighed, a very obvious sigh. That was when he spotted me and clopped over. "Hello." He said as his mob of fans gathered around. "Buddy me!" A bunny screeched. Imtimidated by the crowd, I shrank back a little and muttered a hello. That was when he sent me a buddy request. I accepted, in complete shock. "Let's go to my den." Julian suggested. I nodded and pressed his den button, which teleported me into his den. There I saw four jammers. The den must've been locked, as there was no crazy mob. Julian arrived after me. I stood in the middle of them all, in full curiosity. A red Arctic Wolf sat nearest to me, along with two wolves, and a snow leopard. "You have no idea who we are." The red arctic wolf laughed a bit at his statement. "Aparri, hush. We have brought you here for an opportunity." Julian2 growled. Aparri rolled his eyes, and one wolf sighed. The snow leopard and the other wolf glanced at each other with a blank face.

So if you're getting bored of the tagged post, I don't blame you. Well, hooray, I'm going to make a new tagged post about Diary of a sorceress living in the main castle of Jamaa (I know, long title) I'll be doing giveaway at 100 members! Prize won't be revealed until someone wins! (I love the ending of Day 2. Don't you?)

Day 1
Hi! My name is Infinity, and I’m a sorceress. I just came to this castle I live in now, and it’s amazing! Sometimes other kings and queens come visit too, and I entertain them with my magic. I was born a slave to phantoms, and I hated it. I finally got my hands on a spell book ,and now I’m one of the most powerful people in the world. The castle I live in is the main castle of all Jamaa! People come to the castle all the time to ask me to heal them, revive dead family members and friends who left to early, and all other sorts of things. Since I’m invincible, I’m one of the most daring people in Jamaa. People at the castle call me Infin, which is short for Infinity. At night, I like to sneak around the castle peeking into bedrooms making sure everything’s all right, since I don’t need to sleep. One princess, Victory, I’ve gifted the power to use spells, if I let her. Like her name,Victory always wins. Since we’re friends, I call her Vic for short. The king and queen might be leaving tomorrow.

Day 2
The king and queen are leaving!They left Princess Victory in charge. Like her name, Victory always has victory. Everyone but the other princess (since they’re jealous) like her. I’m friends with her because of her fairness. She is very daring in battle, which named her the middle name “Dare”. It’s rumored phantoms will attack the castle. Meh, probably they probably will attack another castle. They haven’t attacked this castle since about. About… 150 years or so ago. Like I said yesterday, I was born a slave to phantoms. One of my relatives were captured in that battle and became a slave to phantoms, and I was born one, too. I soon escaped and took protection under Mira. When the phantoms turned her to stone, I knew I had to leave. I went to live in the Sarepia Forest and it took a while until people found out I had magic, and that’s when I was asked to go to the castle I live in now. (I was found out by Aparri. Go figure) Well, I’ve got to stop writing! Cya!

Day 3
Phantoms have been spotted! Meh, probably just a false alarm. Wait a second… Was that a phantom outside my window? I think I was hallucinating. Whatever. Anyways, if phantoms come, they’ll be gone pronto. Hold on… Was that another? Victory is yelling… She said she saw a phantom! I know this is short, but I have to stop writing because of these “phantoms”! Bye!

    A bright light shined from above, Strange noises came from all directions, they didn’t know where they were. They could hear murmurs and laughter in the background, and all they saw was white. “Ha ha~” Echoes. “He-he~” Lingers. They don’t remember anything, they can’t see anything. Finally, they blink again, the light is fading, and reveals two bright new faces. “Hello? Can you hear me?” One of the wolves called to them. “Welcome to lab 8-5-12-12.” 
“Wh-where am?” The wolves began to snicker. “I sure hope you heard me the first time. You are in Lab 8-5-12-12. We-” Suddenly the other one interrupts him in the middle of his sentence. “We welcome you with open arms!” She said quickly and excitedly. “Now now, we don’t want to frighten our guest, say things more slowly.” She backed up, with a bit of an embarrassed laugh, “ He-he, sorry, Doc, I’m just so excited! This is my first patient anyway.” They sat up, with a shocked look. “P-patient?!” They looked at each other with worried expressions. “He-he, s-sorry, doc.”
“No, no, I, I can’t take this all in at once… Who… who am I?” They started to whisper to each other as if they didn’t hear what the patient said. Even though both of them were whispering, the patient could still listen to their conversation. “Why did you say that?! Now they’re scared.” “I’m sorry! I- Doc, I didn’t mean to make you angry, I was just so excited.” Doc sighed, “I know, it is pretty exciting, I had the same reaction, but don’t say things out loud anymore please.” She nodded in response. “Got it.”
“Uh-hem, sorry about that. Did you say something?” They shuffled uncomfortably. “Yes, Umm, Who am I?” They looked at each other and blinked. “Uhh, I’m not sure.” She said. “That’s classified information, we cannot tell you. You will be getting your name when all of you go to the cafeteria.” Suddenly, the patient noticed something she said. “All of us? All of whom?” They asked questionably. “The, others…” She said, then began to nervously nibble on her paw, which had bite marks all over. “Uhh, please ignore her for a little. We will show you the rest, come with us, let’s bring you to the cafeteria.” 
The animals all walked out of the room all together. “By the way, I’m Twinkle, nice to finally meet you.” She handed them her paw. The patient looked at it confusedly. “Oh, sorry, this is how we usually meet each other, you shake each other's paws, or hooves, or whatever.” They raised their paw and touched her’s, and shaked it.
Twinkle was a white and black wolf with a light yellow heart pattern, while Doc was a blue and white wolf, with a black lightning pattern. Both had white lab coats. Doc had a clipboard and a few other papers in his brown sactual that he was carrying in his mouth and Twinkle had a small purse around her body.
While all of them were walking, the place seemed very… dead. It looked so white, and shiny everywhere. White, shiny tile floors with the lights above, flickering once in awhile. The doors they passed were blueish-greenish, and everything else seemed so dull, without color. While walking, they noticed something else too. There were occasionally pools of purple and red liquids on the floor. The red was less goopy than the purple, and the purple seemed to be alive. While walking the patient touched it a bit, but they immediately regretted their decision and they got burned. “Ow!”  “Oh! Please don’t touch that, you don’t want to get your fur burned off, he-he.” Doc laughed. This place sure seems unsafe… They thought.
Finally, the pack got to a giant room, with a whole bunch of animals. Tigers, koalas, wolves, bunnies, and even a few foxes. “This, is the cafeteria.” He announced. “Sit down and wait for you to be named.” They started to walk towards the benches and sat down in the corner of the room away from the rest of the animals. What a strange place. They thought. What are all of these children here for? What’s going to happen? They started to get nervous. What is my name going to be?! 
The room was filled with howls, barks, and roars of excitement. Some were out of their seat and wandering around. Other sat still and already started making friends. One of them was running around and even ran into someone when doing so. Maybe this place isn’t as bad as I thought…
Everyone started to quiet down when a yellow giraffe with orange patterns and green eyes, entered the room. She was wearing a lab coat and had a key around her neck. “Hello everyone! Please sit down and quiet down. Hey that rhymed!” She snorted. But what got everyone’s attention was not the giraffe and her terrible rhyming skills, it was the strange creature and stood next to her. It was dark purple and was a small little ball. It had a very curious looking eye. That’s because it only had one. And it was like a little octopus. It was hovering next to her and had some glasses on, or, more like just a glass.
What is that? “Oh! I’m sorry, I just noticed that all of you don’t know what a phantom is. This, is a phantom. They can give electric shots, so be careful!” The phantom looked up at her with a dull expression. “Be quiet. I am a phantom with very high standards. You are just a filthy animal.” He yelled at her. Suddenly, the giraffe’s happy expression dropped and she no longer had a smile on her face, just a very disappointed face. It didn’t look like she was disappointed in herself, it’s more like she was disappointed in the phantom. “I am Dr. Fizz. You are all here to receive your brand new names.”
Suddenly, the giraffe started to talk again like if Dr. Fizz hadn’t yelled anything. “Okay everyone, get in a line of your animal species please!” Everyone started to scramble around the room. Foxes got with the foxes, and bunnies with bunnies. 
They started to walk towards the wolves, because from all the patient knew, they were a wolf. “Hey, wait a second.” Dr. Fizz hovered in front of them. “What are you doing? You aren’t a wolf. Actually, I have no idea what you are.” He examined them a bit more. “Hmm, I know what your name is though, it’s right here on my board. Uhh... You are ‘1342’.” He stated. He hovered still for a second. “Hmm, Uh, Darling? Do you know what animal this is?” The giraffe, now known as Darling, whipped her head around to look at both him and 1342. “Hmm, interesting. I-I don’t know…” Unexpectedly, Dr.Fizz started to shout. “What do you mean you don’t know what animal this is?! You don’t even know what your own kind are?! Stupid animals!” He started to float around the room with an angered expression. “Why couldn’t everybody be a phantom?! Why, Why, Why, Why…” Darling was staring at him with a cold and disappointed look. She wasn’t even mad, she was just very annoyed. 
“For the love of Zios, Fizzy, calm your lighting. You’re scaring everyone!” He turned around and stared straight into her face. “Do I look like I care if I scare little children?!” he started floating away, but quickly went back to looking at her and yelled, “AND DON’T CALL ME FIZZY! IT’S DR. FIZZ! MY DEAR MIRA.” And he floated back into another room. With the same dull, and disappointed look, Darling looked at 1342 and mumbled under breath. “Dang, Fizzy, no need to be so rude.” loud enough for 1342 to hear.
1342 completely forgot about Twinkle and Doc. But when they looked around, 1342 didn’t see anybody but the children and Darling standing in front of them. That’s strange…
“Anyway! 1342, right? You can go back there, and if you want to, meet new friends! Socialize and other do-higgies you children do. Go on!” 1342 started to walk towards a table full of wolves and a few other bunnies. They wanted to sit next to a wolf but she put their paw down. “Sorry, but I have this seat saved for someone else.” 1342 looked at her confused. “Sorry kid, better luck next time.” She snickered. 1342 began to walk to an empty table, and sat down.
“Hello there!” 1342 looked up surprised. It was a brown wolf with green eyes and a band-aid on their nose. “Can I sit here?” 1342 nodded and they sat down next to them. “So uh, what’s up?” They asked, trying to make a conversation. “Uh, not much. Just, you know, hanging around.” They scooted closer. “What’s your name?” They asked. “Uh, I sort of forgot already. It was just, too quick. 1342 I think.” Surprisingly, they started to laugh. “Ha ha! Your a funny kid. I’m Fork! Hmm, it seems you haven’t had a name for yourself yet. I’m gonna call you… Spoon!” Spoon, what a nice name.
“Do you know where those two, uh, doctors went?” Fork looked up at Spoon. “Uh, no. They ones who brought you in? I don’t know.” Fork began to scratch himself. “Aw, I was just beginning to like them.” Fork giggled. “So was I. My doctor was named Sunny. He was so nice, but then he dropped me off here.” Spoon sighed. “I sure hope I see them again.” “Me too.” He replied. “They just left without saying anything, not even a goodbye.”
“Talking about stuff like that, uh, do you remember anything else besides waking up on a bed?” Fork asked. Spoon raised their head. Actually, no, Spoon didn’t remember anything else besides that. “Huh, no… How ‘bout you?” They asked back. “Nope, I just remember my name. Fork.” How interesting. Spoon didn’t remember their real name, but somehow Fork manage to slip a small memory before he woke up.
A little bit later that moment, everyone sat down to eat their breakfast after Darling named everyone. It was pudding alongside a carton of apple juice and a couple of baby carrots. “Sweet!” Fork yelled, and dug in without any silverware. Spoon grabbed a, uh, well, spoon, and started to eat the pudding.
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