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Available Synthetic Black Oxide in Jet Black Shade and in 2 micron size. Better dispersion in Paints, Plastics, Masterbatches, Inks.

Resin Coated Mica Powder for Glass + Mica filled DMC and Bakelite

Yash Enterprises Pune, India  has come out with a unique product - Phenolic  resin coated MICA POWDER in 300 mesh .

It is useful for Marine Paints , Heat Insulation Paints, Special Types of Rubber, Fire proof Wires & Cables., Bakelite, SMC/ DMC compounds.

We have tested our mica powder in DMC containing 28 % mica and 22 % glass fibre. The dielectric strength was found to be -- no break down @ 28 kv/mm and highest electric volume resistivity at 1016ohms/mm.

We have tested our mica at a Bakelite manufacturing company in India, and found that by addition of 20 % our mica, the dielectric strength was 11 kv/mm.

Looking for bulk buyers who can buy 5 Tons or more monthly. Please mail your requirement on

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We have been awarded full points repeatedly for last 3years. We manufacture best quality of Mica powder for Mica Filled PP, High Temperature Greases, Automobile Brake Pads, Aircraft Brake shoes, Infra red deflection coatings. Email us to know more of our products on

We have formed a group on what's app for people from Indian Industries, who are looking for a solution to dispose off bye products, waste, off spec chemicals and packing department waste.
It can be chemicals, textiles, minerals, plastics or any other products from the Industry.
We just provide a platform between the company and the actual recyclers.
Please mail us on if you are interested.
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