Betrayed by Google just as everyone else here with this insane foil issue. Now out of warranty, it's suggested that I look to the community for unsupported fixes to this crazy design flaw that should have been corrected after rev 1.

I'm finding a couple sites that appear to offer "kits" but both appear down at the moment. Does anybody have any links to D.I.Y. type guides? Or explanations on why these kit sites aren't working? Or own stories on how they ended up fixing it?

Hi all,

I'm considering to buy a google glass. I want to try a wearable tech but watches just don't feel right to me. I wear glasses, so I figure why not try Google glass. I know Google is no longer support/update Google glass software, and especially I'm using iPhone I am not sure how the continuous support will last. What do you guys think? Should I spend some hundreds on it now? Thanks!

Soo.... Exciting Google Glass! ! Very Much Easy to use! !

Hi, I'm sorry to bother you but I wanted to know if you had the same problem I had with Glass. They continuously displays me even after pausing the phrase "glass must cool down to run smoothly." So the processor limits the power and impossible to take a picture or video.
Thanks for your help. 

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Grab those foiled Google Glass units out the closet and get back to exploring. Don't let that $1500 go to waste.


Would anyone be willing to sell me their Google Glasses? I'm located in the New York area.

Hi! I am doing research on Google Glass for a school project and I am interested in interviewing a few people about their experience with the product. Please let me know if you would be so kind as to answer a few basic questions for me, thanks!!


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And came up with this. It is only rev 1, but even so it works in full daylight! It is a piece of mirror repair material that I got from a window tinting shop in Salt Lake City. Thanks Simply Cool, you ROCK!

Anyway, take some of this mirror repair stuff and some clear packaging tape and, "you know what to do G, bust a move".

Good luck to anyone that has been "foiled again"!


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Look familiar?
If so I am very sorry for you. Especially if it is the 4th time it has happened to your favorite Android accessory. And SUPER especially if you also get a response from Google Glass Support that goes like this:

May 23
Hi Rich,

Thank you for confirming the serial number.

As promised, I checked the warranty on the device to see if we could offer any replacement options. Unfortunately, it looks like warranty expired in February of this year.

After the Explorer Program ended, we had a grace period for our out of warranty replacements which has now come to a close. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Again, thank you for being an Explorer. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.


Mike Q.

The Glass Team

I've been contacting the Glass team urging them to develop a kit to repair the foil design flaw. I think all members or owners of Glass should email or contact the Glass Team and suggest a similar action. It's unfair that a major design flaw has never been fixed. Simply replacing a unit with another device that has exactly the same design flaw isn't the answer.
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