(My first Teen Titans fanfic... Hope I do reasonably well...🙃)

"Ah!"I scream as I go through the portal. My brother Crow was beside me, his eyes glowing red in anger.

"I told you not to try the time spell!"he yelled. His black cloak was flapping behind him, revealing his black long sleeved shirt and pants with his
black shoes.

"Hey! I thought it would be cool like in my video game!"I defend. My green hair was everywhere and I could not see very well. Crow was lucky that his dark purple, almost black, hair was short. But I could see him rolling his eyes though.

"Sometimes I wonder how you passed the second grade."

"Hey!" There was light at the end of the tunnel and I felt us being pulled into the end faster and faster as we neared it. "Geronimo!"I shouted.
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