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So I recently updated and gave my oc a big make over, I also changed his story so it should be a little more original and not overused. His profile should also be more detailed for better RP experience and such.

Name: Jericho Akuma (Akuma is Japaneses for Demon)
Age: 25
Height: 5'3
Weight: 189
Gender: Male
Sexuality: BiSexual (Mostly Attracted to Females)
Likes: Walking, Exploring, Writing, Listing to music, Relaxing.
Dislikes: Mean ponys, changlings, feeling helpless, Liars, Users, Abusive ponys.
Preferred Mares: Shy, Active, kind mares who are big cuddlers.
Dislikes Mares: Rude, Lazy, cheating mares who are abusive.
Preferred Stallions: Big, Tough, Active Stallions who are kind and protective.

Bio: Jericho Akuma is a strange but kind pony whos preferred method of making friends is walking and talking with them. He has big dreams and plans to meet these dreams but not alone. Unfortunately hes a lonely pony who has no mare or stallion to love, his heart being to soft won't allow him to go threw with his dreams alone. A side from all this Jericho is known by others to be a kind, soft hearted and adventurous pony with big achievements ahead of him.
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My oc Artsplash and Day's Night

I'm usually not one for this stuff but if means making friends then I'm in :)

gender: Male

Age: 19

Sexuality: Bi (More attracted to girls though)

Likes: Nice people, Art, Games, Music, Stories, ponys, movies, making friends

Dislikes: Mean people, Anti-LGBT's, Radicals, Manipulative people, Abusive people

Some info on me: I'm a free loving man who cares heavily for my loved ones and close friends. I'm into dark material such as Art, stories, movies, music ECT, I'm not very religious either though I do believe there is a god. I'm average height for male around 5'12 I think so I'm fairly tall but not hugely tall. I wear glasses and I'm always happy and in a comedic mood.

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Hi I'm new

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Imma single pringle

Straight :D 
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Dead community lol

Pff new here!
Female | 15 | straight | German
Looking for : fluffy shoulder long dark hair (emos are allowed too x3x)
"He" should be a caring person and should show his love. Also he should be a funny and friendly person, should be older as me and cute


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MaKi STap

Any way!
I'm a gay girl looking for well a girl duh
I'm 12
I'm nice (i think)
+Cookie the killer remeber meh??

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+Jisoo HeLp mE
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