I'm usually not one for this stuff but if means making friends then I'm in :)

gender: Male

Age: 19

Sexuality: Bi (More attracted to girls though)

Likes: Nice people, Art, Games, Music, Stories, ponys, movies, making friends

Dislikes: Mean people, Anti-LGBT's, Radicals, Manipulative people, Abusive people

Some info on me: I'm a free loving man who cares heavily for my loved ones and close friends. I'm into dark material such as Art, stories, movies, music ECT, I'm not very religious either though I do believe there is a god. I'm average height for male around 5'12 I think so I'm fairly tall but not hugely tall. I wear glasses and I'm always happy and in a comedic mood.

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Hi I'm new

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Imma single pringle

Straight :D
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Dead community lol

Pff new here!
Female | 15 | straight | German
Looking for : fluffy shoulder long dark hair (emos are allowed too x3x)
"He" should be a caring person and should show his love. Also he should be a funny and friendly person, should be older as me and cute


Any way!
I'm a gay girl looking for well a girl duh
I'm 12
I'm nice (i think)
+Cookie the killer remeber meh??

+Jisoo bitch I'm joining L0vE lIvE

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MaKi STap

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+Jisoo HeLp mE

Hello I'm a 17 year old guy who is single and is looking for a friend,lover and partner all in one because I think love and romance are great but I guess I never really had a girlfriend but I'm hoping I will soon even if it is online due to the fact online is still as important as offline in some ways.

Anyway, let me tell you a few things about myself- I love music,media ,art,animation and sports also I love cooking,reading,playing video games and a lot more.

I'm a bassist as I love the sound the bass in terms of the pitch and how it can be a lead instrument as well as a rhythm one.

I play a variety of sports my favourite is basketball. I have a ps4 and other consoles. My favourite author as Darren Shan due to his books all including the horror genre.

I love metal music and a lot like jazz,pop,classical, rock, world etc

I love horror films as well

I am looking for a woman who likes the same or similar stuff to me so that we can talk a lot. I am kinda picky in the sense that my dream woman is Black African,Japanese or Emo.

Slightly unfortunately I am usually very lustful which is why I might ask for some things like pictures or stuff and I need you to accept that side of me if you can.

Please comment on this post if you are interested in being my girlfriend. Thanks for reading all this.
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