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Oh. So this is how it feels to go live. Our Story-game-tech using Nordic Noir Ghost Stories game is now available on the KS

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We played +Per Fischer's Crossroads tonight. One of my favourite games to play. The man is a delicious character.

Here's my very long AP:

+Naomi McArthur +Zoey Wikstrom

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Submissions are now open for the #200WordRPG Challenge!

Cool prizes, great judges, and some really neat entries. You can find all the info at the website: . Entries will be posted up as fast as I can, so subscribe to the RSS feed for new entry news!

What can you do with 200 Words?

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I am Kickstarting! Well, a little bit anyway: I am one of seven contributors to an anthology of conspiracy-themed LARPs and RPGs, so if that sounds like something that might appeal to you, why not back us?

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Two weeks till we can start the crowdfunding phase. Pretty excited.

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I remember people were discussing making games on posters (maybe related to OBS doing posters? Can't recall).

Well I just found out that +manuel bedouet is crowdfunding a poster story game. It's an offset, two-sided print (hence the crowdfunding campaign), and it has maps and art by +John Grümph. Oh, and it uses dominoes. 

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Feedback Wanted
I've posted this elsewhere, but i looking for feedback on a story game I've been developing on and off for a few months now, called Keep it Weird, Beach City. It's based on the cartoon Steven Universe, which I really really enjoy. Familiarity with the show will help, but I am also interested in seeing if the rules and instructions make sense to people who don't know anything about Steven and the Crystal Gems.

This is a rules-lite narrative story game. There's no GM, and the "crunch" simply involves taking or spending tokens when you perform certain actions or narrate certain things happening. I'm not really interested in making it more complex, and if you only like tactical combat games I highly doubt you'll like Keep It Weird, Beach City. Still, I'm interested in hearing any and all constructive criticism or critiques. I would love actual playtest feedback (you'll need three to six players, some tokens, and the files below), but read-thru feedback is also appreciated. The files are meant to be printed on letter-sized paper, cut out, and then folded in half to replicate cards. They're usual TCG sized, and so could be put into clear card sleeves.

Note: There are potential spoilers for seasons 2, 3, and 4 of Steven Universe here. So if that matters to you, you might want to avoid looking at these.

Using Cthulhu Dark for Sherlockian mysteries - can it be done? What about the insanity die?
My group just loves playing the investigative board game "Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective"(SHCD)*, and I was thinking I could easily run a few homemade cases for them using a very light investigative RPG system.

After considering a few super light systems (FU, Dark Trails), my current favorite pick is Cthulhu Dark. The fact that you can't really fail to find basic clues plus the six degrees of clue details are useful for a Sherlockian game, but the insanity die probably isn't - I haven't met a Victorian detective that went insane from their research into the London crime world.

However, the sanity die could offer a few useful benefits to a non-Mythos game in allowing to give yourself a little push, at a cost (to a dwindling resource that can be refreshed - by destroying Mythos lore).

I could just drop the insanity mechanic, but ... I was wondering if I could repurpose it for another trait. Maybe something like resolve? I'm not quite sure if losing resolve (and then dropping out because you just feel like going on is useless) would fit in with those kinds of stories. It may be a good fit for a noir game, but for vanilla Victorian detective work, I'm not sure.

*"Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective" is a set of prewritten cases with numbered clue paragraphs and ways to get to each paragraph. There's a newspaper archive, a map and most importantly, an address book that has coordinates leading to the paragraphs. The players are a group of "Baker Street Irregulars", street urchins that usually help Sherlock Holmes in various ways.

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Details for the 2017 #200WordRPG Challenge are up!

Rules, Judges, and Prizes have all been posted. And they are looking GOOD this year! Holy crap!

Submissions will open April 15th so that gives you plenty of time to work on your entries and get some feedback. Good luck!

What can you do with 200 words?
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