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Apologies for the drive-by promo, but the Anime Blast Bundle of Holding is only on for a few more days — it ends on July 26. Storygames are pretty well represented, including The Starlit Kingdom, Kagegami High, and my own Blade Bind. Plus the massive Tenra Bansho Zero is there as well! And a portion of the proceeds go to Reading is Fundamental.

If you like anime-themed gaming, there's something for everyone, and at the Bundle price it's well worth it even if you already have some of the titles.

This is a re-post from the Story Games forum. But I've noticed that the active community here is broader and somewhat more active, so I'm giving it a shot too ;)

I need a bit of help completing a few lists of things for a game I'm developing ... a Hard Old School thing with a gmLess twist XD
The default reference is a dungeon but it should potentially also fit any kind of finite/labyrinthine location: a city, a forest, a castle, a cave, a sewer, a tomb, etc

I need ideas, and some feedback (do you find them interesting? inspiring? fun?). What I have so far is:

a Passage
1 ascending
2 descending
3 twisting
4 forking
5 dangerous
6 ???

an Area
1 small
2 big
3 vast
4 different
5 dangerous
6 ???

a Special location
1 the way out
2 ???
3 the vilest enemy
4 the richest treasure
5 the hardest trial
6 the quest goal

an Obstacle
Something in the way and:
1 natural
2 complex
3 manufactured
4 simple
5 broken
6 ???

an Oddity
Something conspicuous and:
1 alluring
2 alarming
3 out of place
4 old
5 new
6 alive

a Threat
Something is dangerous:
1 trap
2 creature
3 environment
4 ???
5 ???
6 ???

- - - - - -

I also need one more thing for this other list.
It's meant to somehow boil down a whole "class" into a single skill/activity/action :
1 fighting (warrior)
2 finding (ranger)
3 knowing (scholar)
4 tinkering (rogue)
5 persuading (bard)
6 ???

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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #42, which includes every project started between 07.06 till 12.06.

The total number of projects clocked in at cozy twelve. Of those I am most impressed by the supplement called Niobe for PFRPG and the SnapDice dice tray.
Of course next to the absolutely stunning looking french Role-Playing Games. Which motivate me to restart and intensify my attempts to learn French.

English Crowdfundings

2 Role-Playing Games
2 Supplements
3 Dice and Coin Projects
3 Various Projects

French Crowdfundings

2 Role-Playing Games

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A Game of Beads: Brainstorming (kind long)

I'm trying to bring some direction to this game I've had kicking around in my head for almost fifteen years. Any two cents are valued--constructive criticism only, please.

The core conceit is that each player has a bag filled with beads--same shape and size, different colors. (I use pony beads, cheap and plentiful.) The core mechanic is the draw, analogous to a die roll in most games: the player pulls 3-5 beads from the bag, either comparing them to an established target, or interpreting them in some less quantified manner.

Here's some background, by way of showing what I don't want: back in 2005 or so, I was using the beads like Fate dice, where each color simply provided a stat modifier (+0s and +1s were common, +4s and +5s were rare). Experience points could add certain colors to the bag, thereby tweaking your character's actual success probabilities, or fate. This felt nifty enough in 2005, but feels like last week's leftovers now.

My current goal is to make filling the bag of beads the hot tech of character creation. This could occur in turns around the table, or players could choose an archetype with a certain allotment of starting beads and then purchase additional ones at the cost of black (consequence) beads also being added... there are several ways this could work.

Here's my current frustration: what could these beads stand for, both in character creation, and when drawn? I'm using 9 colors right now: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, White, Clear, and Black. With 6 colors and 3... not colors(?), it's tempting to go with 6 stats and 3 narrative triggers, like this:

Red - Careful
Orange - Clever
Yellow - Flashy
Green - Forceful
Blue - Quick
Violet - Sneaky
White - Wild (any color)
Clear - Narrative Privilege
Black - Consequence

No, I don't want to use the FAE approaches particularly, but they're holding place for now. You could easily do STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIS/CHA.

So, let's say you rank your 6 stats from 1-6, and get an appropriate number of starting beads:

Red - Careful - 30
Orange - Clever - 25
Yellow - Flashy - 20
Green - Forceful - 15
Blue - Quick - 10
Violet - Sneaky - 5
White - Wild (any color) - 2
Clear - Narrative Privilege - 2
Black - Consequence - 10

Then you can spend some of those, or take on additional black (consequence) beads, to purchase whites and clears, which cost 2 for colors, only 1 for blacks.

Red - Careful - 29
Orange - Clever - 24
Yellow - Flashy - 19
Green - Forceful - 14
Blue - Quick - 9
Violet - Sneaky - 0
White - Wild (any color) - 8
Clear - Narrative Privilege - 8
Black - Consequence - 17

Okay, so how do tasks and conflicts work? Let's start with tasks: you pick your approach (going with the FAE model for now), or work out with the GM which stat will be most relevant, and make a 5-bead draw, trying to show 1, 2, or 3 of that color, depending on the difficulty/complexity of the task. With the numbers above, this is pretty tough, except for two things: the wild beads can be any color, and you can spend beads to achieve success. So, if you need 3 reds to carefully trail a suspect, but you only show 1 in your draw, you can spend it, scoring the necessary 3, but you never get it back. Perhaps you could even spend off-color beads to achieve lower levels or different types of success than you were aiming for.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Well, that's enough for now. Let me try to list what I'm struggling with:

* How to do character creation: archetypes, or...?
* What do the beads signify? Must they be stats, identical across all characters, or could they be generated by each player individually? If the latter, how would task resolution work, i.e., how could the GM set difficulties when all the character traits are different? Could it just be subjective resolution? "I hope to give a good impression to the stranger, so I draw 5 and try to hit X number of Y color, which is my Outstanding Personality."
* Is any of this fun?

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Hello! Today is the last day to get all the back issues of the Gauntlet's zine, Codex, in our Patreon feed. Just make a $4 pledge by midnight!


(Cover illustrations by +Dirk Detweiler Leichty, +Vandel J. Arden and +Claudia Cangini)

Let's name some story games that have a humorous tone or at least support a more comedic approach. I immediately think of InSpectres, and in my experience Lasers & Feelings often yields comedy, though it wouldn't have to.

What else you got? 

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Heya All <3

So, I recently heard about the game The Beast, and it sounds hella cool. Likely to pick up a copy, if I can find the room in my budget. That said, I'm curious if there are other games in a similar vein to this. Like, other erotic journal writing games, erotic solo games, solo or group journal writing games... really anything even tangentially related, tbh. Anyway, any recommendations?

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Hey everyone I'm currently looking for 3 players for Apocalypse World. If interested please either PM me or post on the roll20 page. BTW I plan on using Google+ Hangouts and Roll20.

Need recommendations.

I'm looking a game that feels like the AW engine games that I've played, but that pushes the character development and plot forward in fewer sessions.

For instance, in Monsterhearts (which I love) it seems to take six or more sessions to get through a single "season" of the story, and at that point it feels like the really interesting character development is just about to start.

I want something that will help me run a full story arc in three or four sessions. Something that feels more like a completed mini-series instead of a single season of a TV show.

Any suggestions?
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