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anyone want to roleplay ?

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Adoptable example:
:Info: optional
:Label if taken or free:

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This is Ciel:

Basic Info

Age-  2 years (14 in dog years)
Gender- Female
Description- A k9 with dark blue eyes and light blue fur. Her fur is specked with white, and it tends to need a lot of grooming.
Species- Unknown
Personality- Happy-go-lucky
Family- none

Work in progress

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Example Art~
:Art can be colored poses and or something you have created

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Example Free Poses~
:As we should all know poses are basically art drawn by another and the artists allow you to use them to create your own character etc.

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Example Characters:  
 This is Ayo~
Basic Info -
Age - 1 year 2 moons
Gender- female
species- Mutt (mixed K9)

Example discussion~
:Whatever you want to talk about...

Example Ships~
: Do I really need to explain -> Character x Character

Example rps~
:characters needed- optional
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